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Message Subject Asked why I was paying cash!! WTF
Poster Handle Anonymous Coward
Post Content
I would ask her to take my after:

How does it feel to know that your 700 dollars
every two weeks will be worth 400 dollars
in 2021? How does it feel to know that your
value can be manipulated at any time, because somebody
else debased a value with an algorithm? And then
tells you it's your fault that small cap business
stocks, are suffering compared to large
cap, unionized, and subsidized stocks? Primarily
for their manufacturing and production. But it's alright,
because you don't see or hear about any of that.

Nor do you probably think about it. And if you do,
then I'm sure you can agree that a) surveys only
benefit the algorithm, and b) that ignorance isn't
bliss, and in order to hedge falling political
expectations disguised as a legitimate stock exchange,
your wages, your morals, your aspirations, and not only yours but others in every part of the country are
forced to take the survey of life or death.

To starve or to be enslaved for another minute of the
fear of the unknown.

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