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Message Subject Asked why I was paying cash!! WTF
Poster Handle Anonymous Coward
Post Content
Today I was in a large department store here in the uk and I was asked why I was paying cash!! I asked the cashier why she was asking me she said it was part of a survey they were doing! We're moving one step closer to a cashless society!!!!!
 Quoting: Anonymous Coward 1353978

OP, I hope you told them where to shove their nosey questions.

In fact, I would have been so incensed I would have have just taken my business elsewhere where paying by cash isn't questioned or seen as something dirty, and it's clear things are being pushed in that direction, cashless society, mark of the beast et al. No doubt they asked you this in full earshot of other shoppers too. WTF has it got to do with anyone else?

I don't like paying for stuff in person with a card unless I really have to, for a number of reasons, all of those reasons are perfectly valid and I shouldn't have to justify doing so to anybody else for any reason.

As far as I'm concerned, fuck any shop that questions you like this, and shop elsewhere.
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