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Message Subject Asked why I was paying cash!! WTF
Poster Handle Ohwell
Post Content
Today I was in a large department store here in the uk and I was asked why I was paying cash!! I asked the cashier why she was asking me she said it was part of a survey they were doing! We're moving one step closer to a cashless society!!!!!
 Quoting: Anonymous Coward 1353978

If people haven't come to terms with or wont accept the fact that we do not need money to function in society or even more profound, that we do not need overlords to control the money resource and make policies that govern us all, then perhaps, they deserve to be in that cashless society. As it makes their enslavement easier. We never valued this as a kid and we were taught distrust through this system. Yet we still wallow in and continue in the illusion and think we are of sane mind?

NWO of a society filled with sheeples in progress. Will you be part of them?

Money has been a tool of control and enslavement which people have absolutely no clue it is. It is used to manipulate the masses with its contraction and expansion by the overlords. How long will you continue to play this game?

So, when they introduce this mark of the beast and all cash transactions are stalled, I'm sure jesus will be coming to bail people out of this despite the fact that they, in their mindsets, have allowed currency to cause division and distrust between them and their fellow mankind? Will you not see the Matrix for what it is, the mind trap and save yourselves?
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