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Message Subject Asked why I was paying cash!! WTF
Poster Handle Anonymous Coward
Post Content
Well, i am in UK and have a little story to tell.
I own a small bed and furniture shop in a very local area. I have been open 6 month and trade is somewhat slow because of recesion.
I don't have a business bank account because there involes charges. Also charges for any money i put in. Charges for money i take out. Charges for direct debit etc etc.
I don't take credit cards because there is a monthly charge for the card machine, a charge for every transaction as well as commission charges on every item i sell.
I don't take debit card because of the same reasons.
I don't have internet or phone connected to the shop because of steep monthly charges for commercial line and internet. So i just use my mobile (cell) phone for all my work. This means i can answer the phone even when i am out.

Because of all the savings i make on not paying charges to the robbing banks, i am able to pass on all the saving to the customers. I am like for like much cheaper than high street stores.
Now to the main point i am making.... Every time a customer wants to pay by card i explain to them that the reason i am cheaper is because i pass on the charges i would have had to pay to bank as a discount to the customer.
Now here is the suprise that i really did not expect myself. Almost every single customer agreed delightfully with my explanation and came back to buy with cash. During the six month i only lost one customer because of taking cash only.
I really don't know how long i am able to keep this going before we become a cashless society, but the reaction of people in this day and age is actually more accepting before the reccesion.
What do you all think.
I expect things are a bit different in USA as most people there only pay by card.
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