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Message Subject VIDEO: This Guy Shot Down an Assad Chopper & MIG23 in 24 Hrs with Surface-to-Air Missiles
Poster Handle Sir France's Beercan
Post Content
"Not In Our Name"

-- This 'revolution' against Assad is so phony.


Isn't it about time Americans learned to read and think for themselves, and CONNECT THE DOTS????

Then, you will understand the following:

We wrote letters, you did the opposite
We told you no to Obamacare, you forced it upon us
We said no to the tsa, you jailed and fined us
We marched by the millions on Washington, you laughed
We supported candidates that you would not give coverage to
We told you no to the bailouts, you did them anyway.
We said no to fraudclosure and you created documents through corrupt courts.
We told you no to listening to our conversations and you still do it.
We told you we wanted privacy and you have been creating a police state instead
We wanted justice for operation gun runner, but instead want to take our guns.
We wanted justice for MF Global and the 1.5 billion in stolen funds, and nothing.
We wanted justice for the Libor scandal and the rigging of interest rates, and nothing.
We wanted justice for a president who appeared out of no where with no proof of who he was, and you wouldn't even allow us a day in court.
We watched as you handed over our national sovereignty to the United Nations.
We stood by while the Federal Reserve used our currency to bailout foreign banks
We wanted no more wars without congressional approval.
We wanted our troops to come home after we discovered what they were fighting for.
We wanted freedom, but you've stolen it all
We marched
We protested
We voiced our opinion on a net that you want to shut down now because of that opposition.
We depended on a constitution to protect us, but you shredded it, showing clearly to us and the entire world once and for all, that we are a nation that use to be made up of laws, now ruled by outlaws.
We paid in while giant corporations did not.
We watched as you have given out trillions and none of it ever reaching main street.
We watched as those in power have gotten more powerful, while we have all gotten weaker.
We have watched, and seen what you have been doing.
We have witnessed your so called fair and free markets. High Frequency trading, quantitative easing to infinity, buying your own treasuries, buying your own mortgage backed securities, and constantly bailing out all your buddies and friends. Giving more and more power to the Federal Reserve with every law passed.
We watched as you exempted yourself from the health care law.
We watched as you created a supercongress, NDAA, and 30,000 drones to fly over our once free heads.
We watched as you sold us all out, and betrayed our nation, our constitution, and our laws.

How can you call yourself a nation of laws?

Obama - How can you talk about an even playing field, whenever you exempt all your friends from prosecution and put yourself above the law to the extent that you won't even show yourself in a court room? Level playing field? How level was the playing field for the American citizens you assassinated without trial, was their playing field really level? How level was the playing field for the stock holders of Chrysler when you sold them all down the river and handed the company with the Unions over to Fiat breaking almost every bankruptcy law on the books during the process? Mr. Bush, where are the damn weapons of mass destruction, does it take longer than 10 years to find them?



WHY ARE WE FINANCING CIA-Al-Qaeda, pretending they are 'Rebel Forces In Syria?


... Don't you know the answer yet?
 Quoting: 13th-Century

Erm... What was the question?
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