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Message Subject VIDEO: This Guy Shot Down an Assad Chopper & MIG23 in 24 Hrs with Surface-to-Air Missiles
Poster Handle Anonymous Coward
Post Content
Those shoulder fired missiles are probably from Benghazi Libya, not Syria. Some people think the vids are cool but it won't be when those crazy idiots use a few to down Airliners. Think about it.

This is why the Benghazi story is paramount. Our own Government has been funneling arms to Al Qeada to overthrow Syria. Meanwhile, we're supposed to be at war with these nut cases and have even installed a police state in Amerika to protect ourselves from them.

How is this not Treason? Giving Aid and Comfort to the Enemy.
 Quoting: Squatch Hunter

A five-star post.

[link to kucinich.house.gov]
"In response to Rep. Kucinich’s questions about missing shoulder-to-air missiles that were left unsecured in the destruction of the Gaddafi regime, Department of State Regional Security Officer Eric Nordstrom testified that “between ten and twenty thousand” missiles are believed to be missing in Libya.

"Modern military aircraft possess anti-missile defenses which are able to counter the Libyan missiles, but civilian, passenger jets do not have those defenses, making the jets vulnerable to terrorists."

10,000 -20,000 of these missiles unaccounted for in the wilds of Libya. Thanks, Obama! You dumb shit.
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