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Dash-cam video of Seattle police punching man released...

Anonymous Coward
User ID: 13641821
United States
11/28/2012 05:20 PM
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Dash-cam video of Seattle police punching man released...
SEATTLE — A controversial video of a Seattle police officer punching a man during an arrest was released Tuesday.

The video comes a day after a local lawyer filed suit against Seattle’s police chief, saying the department was keeping “explosive pictures” of police beating his client, Leo Etherly, from the public.

The video stems from an Oct. 6 incident when police were on the hunt for a hit-and-run suspect. Police thought Etherly was the man responsible for the hit-and-run after they say they got a match on his license plates.

What happened next led to accusations of excessive force.<more>

At first SPD withheld the DVD of the Dash cam-untill they were sued.
the man was clearly restrained by 3 officers and one of them decided to sucker punch the suspect after choking the man with his free handwtf!!

Seattle just got handed a very embarrassing assessment by the Justice Dept that Seattle officers are way to violent (about 6 months ago)

But the always have great excuses cooked up and ready.
Then when they are sued, the officer of Dept dont pay if they lose, THE TAXPAYER pays

[link to q13fox.com]