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Message Subject WH: Obama 'Is Not Particularly Concerned' Whether Susan Rice Misled the American People
Poster Handle SilverPatriot
Post Content
It is clear that Susan Rice was a willing patsy for the obama regime and was successful in diverting attention from the source of the misinformation obama and they sung the tune that the murders were directly related to a silly movie trailer.

It appears that obama and his cronies assumed their story would stick and passes the sniff tests after all Salman Rushdie evoked the wrath of islam the religion of peace for his literary works.

People have forgotten the Ft. Hood shooter and to date obama has not acknowledged that Maj. Nidal Malik Hasan was indeed a terrorist who associated with other known terrorists. The survivors and families of this terrorist have been denied proper recognition and compensation acknowledging that their family members were victims of terrorism

The fact that obama is unconcerned that Susan Rice lied for him and his regime is frightening to say the least and troublesome that the left will not challenge their great leader for fear of losing what their free cell phones and government subsistence.

Ft. Hood shooter tied to same mosque as 9/11 hijackers
[link to www.policeone.com]
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