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Message Subject WH: Obama 'Is Not Particularly Concerned' Whether Susan Rice Misled the American People
Poster Handle Chrit
Post Content
DH: Itís been a while since weíve discussed Benghazi. What have you heard lately?

II: Before I answer that, I want to get a few things off my chest. Every politician, whether itís a congressman senator, diplomat, or their spokespeople and the media are lying to the American public every time they call the location of the attack a consulate. It was not. There was absolutely no diplomatic consulate in Benghazi. None. Words are important here. They can create a wrong image, an incorrect picture of what was really going on. The property where our Ambassador and other Americans were murdered was a rented villa consisting of a primary residence with a couple of outbuildings behind the actual house. The reason theyíre still calling it a consulate is to subtly divert any questions about our activities there.

DH: Letís go over this again; exactly what was taking place at Benghazi?

II: As I said, the place where the attack happened is one of the largest, one of the most active CIA operation centers in North Africa, if not in the entire Middle East. It was not a diplomatic station. It was a planning and operations center, a logistics hub for weapons and arms being funneled out of Libya. Unlike the embassy in Tripoli, there was limited security in Benghazi. Why? So the operation did not draw attention to what was going on there..............cont.

[link to www.canadafreepress.com]
 Quoting: JBG 28654482

Thanks, came out today, good link.
 Quoting: Anonymous Coward 28676966

Great link but I believe he was pointing out the fact they still never answered the question asked, following the rule.

Never answer the question that is asked of you. Answer the question that you wish had been asked of you.
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