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Message Subject WH: Obama 'Is Not Particularly Concerned' Whether Susan Rice Misled the American People
Poster Handle Chrit
Post Content
The attacking force that night on 9/11/2012 used FN F2000 and the article says ak-47 but they were AK-103’s

[link to www.upi.com]

Snip; The AK-103 and the F2000 do not typically turn up in the hands of the same fighting force (an exception to this rule may, occasionally, occur in India). There has been one recent conflict however, where precisely this has happened – Libya. These two weapons were used concurrently by both parties to the conflict, in fact. AK-103-2 rifles were found in the hands of pro-Qaddafi (and later rebel) fighters; these were manufactured in Russia and possibly served as precursors to a deal to produce such weapons locally. 367 F2000 Standard assault rifles, meanwhile, were known to have been exported by FN Herstal to Libya in 2009. They were intended for use by the elite 32nd ‘Khamis’ Brigade, and were later captured by rebel fighters and put to use against regime forces. The F2000 rifles seen in Libya were sold and equipped with FN Herstal underbarrel 40x46mm grenade launchers, known as the LG1. The F2000s pictured in Gaza also sport LG1s.

These same weapons are appearing not only in Gaza now but in the Mali revolution and the Syrian revolution and the Congolese revolution.

Quote “all of the militias are involved in selling weapons. There is no law in Libya, still no functioning government, and the country’s security forces are too weak to control the situation, and so selling weapons is regarded as legal by many of the rebels.“

[link to securityscholar.wordpress.com]

These weapons are not typical the implication behind them are serious.

They have now appeared in every, major conflict in Africa and the middle east. They helped take over northern Mali. They were used to take over the northern capitol of the Congo. They are appearing in Syria, that are appearing in the Gaza strip and yet there are only 367 of them.

These along with the great number of Ak103’s with night vision and thermal imaging are easily winning battle after battle all over Africa compared to the poorly armed local militias that are being attacked.

These weapons along with a lot of other weapons like the SA-7 and even the SA-24’s are being exported from the fallen Libyan military who was armed to defeat the United States if we attacked, also started the recent Israeli/Hamas conflict.

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