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Message Subject the u.s. Economy is in Full Recovery!!!!!
Poster Handle Anonymous Coward
Post Content
Yeah you have to be a complete moron to think the nation in anyway is doing better...

I like how they act surprised when employment and numbers are up slightly during the Christmas season!
And then unexpected numbers in January and every other month show - we're screwed.
 Quoting: Steve8511


A few points: (one to blame)

#1 FDR who was a Communist Infiltrator, the day he got voted in is the day USA died..

#2 Many Blacks and Latinos who have been sucking off Uncle Scam/Uncle Sham with Uncle Boris's tit for the last 80+ years..

#3 Some type Jews (not all Jews) with their Bleeding Heart Liberal Democratic mentality believes and many like the "Hasadic/Religious/Russian/Orthodox" Jews who have been getting "Entitlements/Benefits/Welfare" galore, for the last 80+ years too, but much much bigger (Larger Entitlement Checks) than the "Blacks and Latinos".

And BTW that Superstorm Sandy was a gift from 'G-d" to the Long Island/NY metro area, for being the most scandalous, fraud, con, criminal area in the whole USA.
And "G-d" makes no mistakes! (and that "Superstorm Sandy" was just the warning Shot, the real deal hasn't come yet!)

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