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Message Subject the u.s. Economy is in Full Recovery!!!!!
Poster Handle Anonymous Coward
Post Content
Lets look at the evidence not the data supplied by the very people that want to make you believe there is a recovery.

How Many Americans "more" are on Welfare ?

How many "more" people are on Disability ?

How many people are on Unemployment ?

How many unemployed are not counted as unemployed because they dont get an unemployment check anymore (all benefits used up) ?

Are the Baby Boomers (10K per day) funding their retirements through the sale of stocks, bonds and equities ?
Who is there to buy and replace these sellers of stocks, bonds and equities to support the lofty prices ?

How many retiring baby Boomers (10K per day) are trying to sell their underwater homes to fund their retirements and who is their with the credit and income (incomes are decreasing) to buy what they are selling to support realestate prices ?

How much money are they printing to support the existing debt and to bail out the financial markets ?
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