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Message Subject the u.s. Economy is in Full Recovery!!!!!
Poster Handle Marxist
Post Content

Deflation will underpin consumerism as manufacturing continues to move to Asia.

Long term, tomorrow's Aussie employees will for example, be teaching English in Asia and of course, be chasing jobs worldwide as the job market internationalises.

Capitalism must eventually collapse but for the moment, with three billion and more potential consumers and confusion reigning as to how much remains in commodities, this American and European blip is just that, a blip.
 Quoting: Marxist

If we ever got to meet face to face, I'd leave you in a pool of tears and blood.

 Quoting: Carshy McCarsh

Im not to sure what you mean but consumerism is a reward of growth not the cause of it. The USA thought they get send all the hard manufacturing jobs offshore in become a service based economy. Look how that lazy idea turned out for them. Sadly Australia is much the same. Manufacturing is a good idea. It also brings a sense of healthy sentiment when making things with your lands own resources.
 Quoting: Anonymous Coward 28747282

As an example. Australia currently mines a lot of iron ore and ships to china for processing into steel beams etc. We then reimport the steel from china which was made with our own iron ore. The accounting side probably makes sense but surely Australia would be better off in the long run processing its own steel products.
 Quoting: Anonymous Coward 28747282

I absolutely agree that creating as in manufacturing is good for a person. But that is from an emotional perspective. When you look at capital objectively, despite what any politician may promise you, when the chips are down, those with the capital to create manufacturing businesses at home will instead look for fatter profits overseas. And if a country tries to introduce protectionism, the markets will make it conform to free market rules.

Despite all Romney said, had he been elected, the liberalisation of investment would have speeded up. Obama is not quite as free to liberalise as he is perhaps being asked as he knows that he also has to keep his electorate happy. Romney on the other hand was not hamstrung as his working electorate (the mass of his voters) are by and large dumb. You would have to be to vote for a man who wants to ship your job offshore and is openly in favour of lesser regulation as a consequence.

The best that we can get these days in protectionism is the weak variant social democrats worldwide are offering. Its not much but its about as good as it will get.
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