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Message Subject Massive Sinkhole In Tuscarawas Co. Ohio (My Neck Of The Woods)
Poster Handle ChemE911
Post Content

I think these sinkholes are caused by Beta Decay, a Low Energy Nuclear Reaction.

[link to en.wikipedia.org]

This is the bombardment of an atom by a dark matter particle and it is knocking apart the atoms in the Earth gradually. I believe many sinkholes are caused by a weakly interacting massive particle orbiting through the Earth in that spot and popping back out somewhere else in a Kepler 2-body closed string orbit. They may orbit for months. A neutrino is there little brother.

I am a Chemical Engineer and I have been researching dark/collapsed matter for a year and a half. I beleive these energetic particles are sent at Earth from the sun during a coronal mass ejection (CME) and/or solar flare. They can also trigger seismic activity and low pressure systems in the atmosphere.

It is all published on my blog @ darkmattersalot.com

If somebody lives in the area I would be interested for someone to check for ionizing radiation in the area and also a magnetic pulse approx once every 20-40 seconds (its orbital signature). There is a good app for an IPhone called sensorscope that record x,y,z magnetic data

[link to www.tw-tex.com]

I am being very serious.
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