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Message Subject Massive Sinkhole In Tuscarawas Co. Ohio (My Neck Of The Woods)
Poster Handle SilverPatriot
Post Content
It appears that there is a great deal of oil and gas drilling in Tuscarawas County, Ohio perhaps the earth above the dig sites are trying to reach equilibrium and is refilling voids.
 Quoting: SilverPatriot

That is possible, but not out on SR 39. That area is all woods, a few paved and dirt roads, and not much else beside homes. My relatives live right past the exit to 39, and a family friend has a garage on 516 by the Tuscarawas River. Shit, my stuff is still up in his storage unit, i'm calling him tomorrow. But, I was just up there this past August - never once heard from anyone that drilling of any type was occurring in the area. And ESPECIALLY not on that roadway, or towards 516 to boot.

39 is the backway we used to drive (and still do) to avoid the cops on weekends or when going out for cruises to pass time.
 Quoting: Halo2Alexis™

I am unfamiliar with the area however pumping oil and gas extends far from the initial drilling site especially since thy no longer drill just downwards and any void created would seek to fill in hence cave ins would occur as obviously the dig areas are not reinforced.

My thinking is that a typical coalmine is reinforced so that the miners could work in relative safety however, oil and gas mining leave a void beneath the earth that eventually will destabilize.
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