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Message Subject Massive Sinkhole In Tuscarawas Co. Ohio (My Neck Of The Woods)
Poster Handle NonAlignedEntity
Post Content

"New Madrid" Is Another One Of Those "Toss Around Words/Sayings" Used With Little Meaning/Understanding !!

The Actual Fault/Faultline Of That Time That Was Involved ... Was The Reelfoot Fault !!

"New Madrid" Just Happened To Be ... More Of A "String Of Cabins" Of Their Community At That Time !! ... Though It Was Of Their "Localized Reports" Of What Happened There ... The Incident Was Named ... & Never Corrected For Accuracy !!

There Is Actually No ... "New Madrid Fault Line" ... As This Is Simply One (Misnamed) Branch/Sprig ... That Connects To Other Faults & Faultlines ... Having Centralized "Hubs" Of Which These "Energy Lines/Areas" ... These "Cracks" Run Into !! ... Just Like A Giant Spider Web ... That Runs Not Just Through The United States ... But Through The Oceans & All Throughout Terra/Earth !!

When A "Faultline" Erupts ... That Is It Slides, Locks Up/Explodes, Ect. ... It Sends This Wave Of Energy Outward ... Just Like One Throws Pebbles In A Pond ... It All Radiates From That Center Point !!

Now As The Sinkholes ... Consider That The Termed "Solid Surface" Is "Propped Up" By Liquids & Gasses ... & Other Things As Not Yet Understood Of Sciences There !! ... Remove These Things ... Disperse These Things ... The Above Ground Collapses ... & What Is Termed A "Sinkhole" Is Created !! ... No Support ... Cave In !!

Essentially Those Of Greed Have Promoted/Furthered These "Nightmares" ... & The Results Are ... Of Which Ones Have To Acknowledge & Live With ... If They Have Ground/Land To Live Upon !!

Farewell For Now !!

 Quoting: ST In BG

The vibrations of earthquakes brings liquids and gasses to the surface, forming sinkholes and allowing objects to sink into the mire.

It's interesting times when everything is that is normally still is moving around you. Even running on solid ground, you find that it suddenly isn't.
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