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Message Subject Louisiana Sinkhole ‘Burps’. Signs Of Collapse Imminent?
Poster Handle Anonymous Coward
Post Content
not to worry, nothing is going to happen...AS USUAL.
 Quoting: Anonymous Coward 15257059

I wish that was true. But the evidence suggests otherwise. verysad
 Quoting: SkinnyChic

i know
i don't see how it can end well
i'd like to see the scenario where this can end well
given that we have a big hole that keeps growing, collapsing dome, radiaoactive material, methane hydrates, the deadly sulfide gas, constant tremors which usgs admits they do not understand as they are 2 different types of tremors, a fractured seafloor not far from the sink hole in geological terms, no msm coverage showing the masses are being kept in the dark despite the fact american lives are being affected and all americans should be aware of it (hey, msm, that's called reporting relevant news), who knows what in those caverns (of course we can believe the big corps and not worry because we know they wouldn't lie about what they put down there thinking nobody would ever find out), all the bubbling sites, difficulty drilling in some areas due to gas pressure, and a contaminated aquifer
yeah, gives me hope this will all work out just fine
i'm sure they'll find a tophat or junkshot soon and take care of this mess
golf balls and tires
maybe they'll have kotex make them a giant tampon
because our tax dollars only pay for the best of the best scientists
who, of course, are willing to say/do what they're told (looking at you usgs and while we're on the subject, hello nasa)
but anyway...
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