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Message Subject The Ancient Egyptians were White People. How does that makes black people feel??
Poster Handle davvi
Post Content
i had this conversation with a person called "blackgrass" who insisted that the ancient egyptians were black. i say the ancient egyptians were not much different than the modern egyptians and find the claim otherwise to be a desperate attempt of the black race to gain themselves some prestige.

anyway this is what i wrote back then:

lol, i will assume that this is a very emotional subject for you, and yes i can understand the desire to look to the past when the present and the future are so very bleak.

i offer you science as proof, you offer me emotion. i give you facts combined with science and you reject both relying on some fairy tale of 'sun people.' i have often thought that we are not responsible for the past only the future and therefore can not claim credit for the good of the past, but can only look in wonder at their accomplishment. you on the other hand seem to have a desperate need to claim what others have built. if you derive some kind of comfort in that and are content to rest on fantasy, then who am i to stop you?

i will guess that you also promote the claim that white americans are re-coloring ancient artifacts and destroying the proof of a black egypt as one of your more adamant uber black nationlist, afrocentrist 'experts' claim? lol

dna is an exact science, anthropology is an exact science, facial reconstruction has become a respected form of science and an art form. in each of the three, the ancient egyptians fall into the caucasoid classification every time. you are entitled to your dreams of past glories, you are just not entitled to bend facts to feed your dream.

the ancient pre-egyptians entered what we know now as egypt from the north. their anthropologoical classification is caucasian. caucasian can be any color from light pinkish skin to dark brown. the skin tone does not decide group, dna does and most eygptians fall into the West European dna type R1b, which has no connection at all to black Africans or Asians.
 Quoting: davvi

 Quoting: Neim-Ya'shar

i will not waste my time watching your youtube as i know that it is very popular among the leftist media types to promote the black race as something very superior to all. it's laughable but still they do it.

the complexion of egyptians tends to darken as one moves south, however the charateristics of negroid grouping just doesn't show up. the fact is very pure and very simple, the egyptians are not now, nor ever have been negroid.

look at the body shape. egyptians were in general slim hipped with broad shoulders and ovals faces. their hair was straight and their noses long and narrow. these caucasoid traits can be seen in the very earliest protraits.

egyptian women hardly ever got plump and had no tendency towards fat asses like their southern sisters.

you will have to look elsewhere for a history, my black friend, this one is not yours.
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