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Message Subject The Ancient Egyptians were White People. How does that makes black people feel??
Poster Handle Anonymous Coward
Post Content
Ignorant wretch. Egyptian art did not seek realism. That was never seriously attempted until classical Greece. Egyptian art is well known to have (with a single exception) portrayed figures in unrealistic proportions. Their arms were too long, their eyes too big, their heads were misshapen. Art history.

History, archeology, and art history are the fields I was trained in. You'll never win a debate with me. I'm simply better educated than you and my opinions are well threshed out.

The truth to the best of our knowledge is that blacks were indeed involved in Egypt. It was late in Egypt's history and well over a thousand years after the pyramids were built. A weak central government collapsed and regional governors fought each other for a time before the Numidians came in and took over Egypt (lower Egypt to be precise as they had already gained dominance in upper Egypt). They then were booted out of power by Babylon. When Ptolomy took over control in Egypt he restored the Numidians (blacks) to their former status that they had held during the previous dynasty.
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