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Message Subject The Ancient Egyptians were White People. How does that makes black people feel??
Poster Handle davvi
Post Content
i am not surprised to see some negroid looking people amongst the statues of ancient egypt. no one is saying that they didn't live there, but they are not indigenous.

 Quoting: davvi

I'm having trouble finding Caucasoid statues, they should be overwhelmingly available, but it seems as if only the Negroid statues survived..
 Quoting: Anonymous Coward 28542223

what the hell are you talking about? 99.9999999% of all of their statues are of caucasians.

look at their wall paintings? they do not depict blacks. this argument is incredibly stupid. this argument is a feeble attempt to bolster the self-esteem of a people who don't seem to be happy with their own accomplishments. wonder why that is?

no one is claiming that european whites are taking credit for ancient egypt, they are saying that the people who lived in ancient egypt belong to the anthropological classification called "caucasian." why is this so difficult for the negro to understand?
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