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Message Subject The Ancient Egyptians were White People. How does that makes black people feel??
Poster Handle Anonymous Coward
Post Content
Your response is filled with SPECULATION.

The article that I posted was a fact.

Do you know the difference?

If that DNA company used random genetic markers on computer monitor in a freakin Discovery movie to determine TUT's heritage....do I really need to go on?

They had no actual DNA sample from king tut!....NONE

Come on....

Just admit that you made a mistake.

You are too prideful.

It is quite laughable how people are still holding on to the "TUT was western European" myth.

It is embarrassing.
 Quoting: Anonymous Coward 19271799

You do realize that I support the Sub-Saharan origins of Kemet, right? Notice my previous messages were all in support of that. I was pointing out that if the family Tutankhamun came from does have any caucasian DNA it's most likely from the Mitannians, who they married often at the time. The Mitanni (in modern Syria) appear to be linked to the western Europeans since that is where many of their ancestors came from. And I was also pointing out that it would be quite a distant relationship, considering the people who left the area where modern Syria is located left nearly 10,000 years ago. Almost 6,700 years before Tutankhamun was born. There is another DNA analysis that makes it clear that Tutankhamun's family is largely of Sub-Saharan descent. The features of the busts and statues make it clear what their dominant genes were. Many of the descendants of Amenhotep III resemble people from Ethiopia, Eritrea and Sudan.

[link to dnatribes.com]
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