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Message Subject The Olympic Opening Ritual "Doom". The Babe of the Abyss!
Poster Handle 1908247
Post Content
See, I don't think all of this is being orchestrated by 'them', the louisiana sinkhole for instance, this is cause by something else. I believe we are indeed living on times of prophecies fulfilling.

The venus transit was a special day, I had a nice experience that day. The solar eclipse of May was also important.. it was related to the fourth trumpet in my theories. I actually had predicted those dates back in march, posted them here february. Turns out events fit in tounge

Reminds of that lucifer story, the fallen angel.
But why has he fallen?

There were crop circles pointing to the date of the Venustransit this year and also the solar-eclipse in may, as being significant. What intrigues me is, that I had a disturbing vision around that eclipse time, something dark.
Do you know perchance the scene in the movie "Hellboy" where that Krakenmonster-Tentacles reached out from the sky. I saw exactly that and I had the real feeling of "shit is going down, I have to call someone".
I also didn´t have a good feeling about that olympics ceremony.

So if there´s some agenda behind that, to perform an artificial bibleprophecy kind of thing, then I´d guess, they don´t have the power, to let meteors crash down to earth.

I often think about that and have interpreted it in different ways. Around August it seems some meteorite hit louisiana, but I'm not sure it was confirmed.

The words might give hints though..

"a star that had fallen"

This is interesting, and the translation on portuguese intrigues me further.. It passes a notion that the star had fallen prior to the fifth trumpet.
I don't know, maybe it could be an angel..
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