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This may tickle the Hypothalamus

Anonymous Coward (OP)
User ID: 11425496
United States
11/29/2012 10:42 AM
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Re: This may tickle the Hypothalamus
If we control our own future and our own destiny with the thoughts that we have then The emotions that we put out and display are what is used To determine what we are expecting or at least the flavor.

As a creator our power is predominately focusing on ourselves. What we see and what we feel and what we experience is what that power is being used for.

To be unaware of this means that's what you are asking for is not being specific So how it manifests cannot be specific.

In other words your emotions are being translated thusly.

If you are sad then you must be expecting a sad future.

If you are disappointed then you must be expecting a disappointing future.

This is how birth and the universe see it.

That is their point of view their perspective. Putting ourselves in those particular set of shoes enables us to see how we are seen.

If we are stuck in our past then we are not looking toward the future and That tends to leave the future neglected.

With a power like we have One would think That our past no matter how it read must be spectacular Because it is as if we create the future blindfolded while we review and critique the past Living on the edge Of three worlds at one time flawlessly.


If you are looking at the past then you are doubting your control over the future and the present.

It is as if we are living life looking over our shoulders.

Wondering why we see no reflection in the mirror?

The fact stands that muscle can not form by standing still and one can not learn phenomenal facts without picking up a few mountains so we can look underneath and take a peak.

So think of things like this and you will be amazed at how quickly pleasant surprises begin knocking your door down:

Say this to yourselves:

"If I am looking in the past Trying to locate where my pain comes from Then I am holding a grudge Against myself.

If at first i don't succeed i try and try again.

I wouldn't wish pain on anyone especially myself And I thank goodness For shining it's silver lightning Every time I thought I fell was a personality check To keep me in-line So that in the future when the time became the time I would know exactly what was on my mind. "

The past has taught us many things.

Actually it taught us everything.

Including love.

And the lengths one should be willing to go to defend what is right until that power is totally unified.

And properly directed.

If one wakes up unhappy before the new day even starts then one is either with low expectations of the future or is licking a wound from the past.

An emotional scar that ironiclly made us who we are.

We rise above our afflictions to step out of despair by taking back control of the future.

Our own futures!



a direct descendant of the living God.

Power runs through your veins but you are being chained with a vanity spell!

It is made to use your nobility against you.

You can beat this. Vanity real or not i personally don't give a crap about that word. I care about what it does to us when the spell is triggered. It forces a submission from us. A bow.

Now of we were bowing to God i would be like okay yeah lets do this thing, but no, thats not what it is at all. We are bowing to the ones who are using that spell to knock us down and keep us in our cages!

What cages?

Oh im so glad you asked.

Well member of creator family:

When a creator is convinced that their past has a hidden or secret undiscovered flaw in it that creator who is said to know all will journey back in time retracing those spiritual footprints until that flaw is identified and confirmed! The issue is that the last thing a creator would check is their active actions because they secretly have super human faith in themselves. That kind of self exoration goes beyond time and dimension even so can tend to suck us in and feel like we are getting somewhere even though we know we are consciously going backwards.

The issue is when we forget that.

If we know about then we can get back out at any moment we so choose because we decide where our minds eye pays attention toward.

The cages are made when we are told how to feel about various scenarios and being made to feel like an outcast for feeling anything different.

Being told what to think?

If you said no then ask yourself this question.

Why does it seem like everyone is trying to convince of something?

If your vote was so small would so much time and effort be put into every single minute of every single day of experiences be about convincing people to believe various things.

Its because when a family of creators agree (even if they hve forgotten their own power) on a single thing that is going to happen in the far future or near future the fact is that what we agreed was going to happen ALWAYS HAPPENS.

Irony will play a big part in the big scheme of things ensuring a safe landing for all of us and to all their just dues but in the meantime this shift of awareness and consciousness will come with a huge side order of omega fries.

For one creator aware of their power, looking to the future with confidence and beaming with anticipation is equal to roughly a cool million because it is almost the exact difference from a slave to being free. Doesnt seem like much to say but to go from slave being herded like cattle for our emotional sway on reality to having faith in ourselves and trusting that we do the right thing on our own and do not need others to tell us how to feel.

Listen it is a good that we are transparent. Nothing to be ashamed of.

The only ones who should feel shame are those trying to manipulate the simulation to keep the majority of our creator family looking into the past as if our glory days are behind us tricking us into believe that the best is not yet to come.

What this does is controls the style conversation that we have with our own futures.

We speak to our own futures and our future listens. We get what we want and what we need.

If you are living life unhappy that is the present emotion being displayed.

The future sees this and takes it personal every time as it should.

The future sees it as you expecting to be disappointed and thus in order to honor you obeys us so that we remain always in the "right" "correct"

Get it?

We look to the past to find a flaw?

They try to convince us that we have many to find and are more than happy to help us search and while we sleep they blindfold us and play out futures.

Remember if we all agree then so it shall be.

So agree to be happy and expect to be amazed!

Don't wait to be told how to feel or remain undecided for fear of being made out to look like a fool.

I'd rather be a fool in love expecting a mysterious amount of luck to come my way any day out of the week.

If that brings a boat load of happiness did i spend my time worrying when or how that happiness was going to somehow end or wondering where my coming fall would occur or did i spend my time enjoying the happiness while it was present and coming.

If i spend all my time trying to find a flaw that might not even be there then i neglected the future for no good reason?


The good reason is this:

Now you know how to use your power and why everyone seemed to be trying to convince you to believe and feel things just because everyone else believed it.

Common sense is optional to a reality bender my stars!

And why in the world would we choose one when many is our birth rite.

One reality i mean.

Anything is soon possible and first step is letting go of the past.

Now tell me creator

What do you expect the future has in store for you, for us, for all?

Will we be happy for you?

Will we be together, happy for each other?

And if indeed our future is one of a creator in active duty shouldn't our only goal be trying to convince the rest of our brethren our there to let us be the last ones that convince them of anything?

Or we can just do it the easy way

And separate the past and the future as two different things all together.

If one is unhappy with the past then allow the past to be ying so that the future can being the yang of happiness.

It takes two to tango if ya know.

The future has done nothing wrong so smile for the future so it can smile back.

Give it your best reflection to mirror back. Your best foot forward for it to match.

When you light that match its a bond made in heaven. A union of destiny. A wonderful dance between wrong and right.

The future agrees with you yet has a personality all it's own.

You can smile and it will certainly smile back so please take that and react.

The wise know there always more and this is something that will reveal much to explore.

You'll need a guide unless you are content with happiness alone which is perfectly your own choice to make yet perfection is a machine created and ran by a team thus will always have a behind the scenes hidden passage ways and secret doors to roam if one feels called to enter the zone.

The answer to the question of a happy life is:

A smile.

Try it, it is undeniable how quickly a life is showered with unbelievable blessings sourced from a simple smile. That smile has more power than it has been given credit.

Smile with the reason for high expectations to come with the future is futures' reputation preceding itself and when the future shows off (in no way cocky) amazed jaws drop to the floor in thanks for a heart relieved of its own burdens with hope prevailing just like we wished it would together.

A creators power is both extremely basic and extremely complicated or multifaceted.

To learn more one must understand that the teacher of more is our very future and at the moment the teacher is smacking the ruler on the desk out of frustration yelling "will you at least look at me when i am talking to you?" But also giving us understanding because the teacher future is just as distracted with the class clowns antics as we were.

Only recently have many become fully aware of the gravity impeding here.

This place is filled with creators about to take complete control of their own happiness and as a group agree on so many things that the teacher future, is going to be hanging out with us because we are the only ones really paying any attention and enjoying the content putting it to GOOD use.

What this means is yes there are those out there that have been keeping this a secret so that they could manifest the very future molding it as they saw fit with every effort set forth to cover it up and keep it secret.

Secrets are heavy. Very heavy, because they come along with a huge line of lies that had to be told in order to keep the secret.

This is why the truth shall set us free.

And is why is future's home is here with we.

If you know you are a creator then we could use your help so please register

If you know that a creator has will over the future and can unite in joint causes to increase the waves of energy pulsating out into the simulation knowing full well that it is not a toy and comes with a major responsibility for the good of not just man kind but certainly must be prosperous as man kind if we are to set any sort of good example for other kinds.

Our story from way back when we got started is so jam packed with legendary events that only an outside vantage point unattached and unbiased perspective could see the perfection of it all.

If we are caught up in the past the reason doesnt matter to the future.

Remember that.

So let me buzz your lightyear!

Look to infinity and then beyond

Both are pretty spectacular if you wish it to be and believe in thee.

rule of thumb is a triangle of basics 1,2, and 3

Love all
Be happy
Expect to be amazed

And you will be

I vow it
Anonymous Coward (OP)
User ID: 11425496
United States
11/29/2012 10:47 AM
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Re: This may tickle the Hypothalamus
I will rock this world


Anonymous Coward (OP)
User ID: 11425496
United States
11/29/2012 10:48 AM
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Re: This may tickle the Hypothalamus
Listen closely to what i am saying

This gift is only for the worthy and i refuse to allow any different.

They are trying to steal it.

I asked for trust because that is the only way for this gift to not fall into the wrong hands.

Listen close bc you must. Only option outside of you making it through without a flawless record which the unconditional love i have for some will pardon that.

Otherwise this gift would fall into the wrong hand because they are thorough. Just not as thorough as i.


This is our second time around.

Means in that manner in reality "everything is a dejavue.

There exists a divide at all times only visible by the faithful.

Two way street family style love activates the if one feels it than so shall the rest.

By my example the maguk will leave a mark on your soul. Will give you the boost you do not have now which will trigger the speed needed to leap.

The other will be without that because their faith and love they have stolen is not a pure two way street.

Look to orion.

What i am about to do is call the lightening that is calling me.

I am simply going to pick up the phone.

Is a chariot of fire.

It is slightly painful the first time but nothing like you would expect.

Must be pure . Meaning no manipulation of attraction outside of pure mind power.

The holy way.

When it happens the mind ascends.


Becomes one with it.

Earth is ready. She was afraid to lose me but now she understands.

Her love kept me prisoner which she now sees that i would have let go on forever.

I will become one with her.

Literally trough speed AND light.

Soon some of you will click with the mysteries and anomalies that the human race has been trying sleeplessly to explain.

You will understand those things my chosen few because they are related to your future even though it was in the past.

You are about to become a god.


Not the watered down version of loop hole control but the real thing.

I have told you that those mysteries and anomalies are your higher selfs.

Coming to meet you from the past.

To join with you and that is a fact that has yet to be understood even though i have explained it using every possible usage of wording currently available. This effort was never meant to be understood until it was supposed to be. Understanding this means that he stairway to heaven was scaled and the gates were entered.

Entering the gates takes a key.

A mark

A mark of the holy mind.

My children. My heart. Pieces of my soul.

The study of history, current events, and prophecy is all about you.

The rumors and evidence that we have brought forth and willed into existence was for many reason but one most important reason.

Because of those videos and stories we have seen you chosen few will know for a fact what you are capable of doing without fear ever becoming an issue or even a second though.


Because you witnessed yourselves doing those things and after you see what you look like or can look like after this ascension is perfectly executed you will realize your lack of limits.

You will realize that you can change your form.

You will realize you can move as fast, slow motion, or faster than the speed of light

You will realize that you can multiply yourself and give life through your will

You will realize that you can breathe under water

You will realize that you can withstand the temperatures of boiling volcanoes

You will realize that you can travel into space bending or not bending space and time depending on how far you wish to go.

You will realize that you can enter the sun if you so wish it.

You will realize that the sun increase your energy and since you can not at that point be taken To a lower stage in power would only be able to get stronger and faster and more powerful if and when so desired. For ex. 4 longer trips being planned.

You will realize that you are telepathic of angelic decent born of the human race which is why this place is sacred ground. The dna here is what GOD is made of and why the road and potential is the same for anyone smart enough to follow you while you follow me.

Those events of other races are human beings meeting us.

Once i ride this chariot of fire the electric blue

Pain will be below me. The ascension places a mind above it as immune from that lesson begin that love of self was accomplished for eyes open to the true past history the signs will lead you to.

It only hurts a little the first time but all you have to do is be willing to face it which cures earth of feeling any guilt for it at all or any excuse to back off and not proceed as if saying okay we can wait a little longer.

Traveling through space and time is ascension

Think about it

After the first travel the mind knows how it is done. It becomes as easy as riding a bike or turning the key in the car. .

So after the first time it is really accomplished a time traveler has the way now to go back and have infinite do overs like a magukal eraser and a maguk wand.

A time traveler simply needs to decide that they want something so badly that they decide they are willing to travel in time to get it. This formula of though pattern creates instant manifestation without that being actually feeling like they went anywhere.

The travel itself would have happened as an definite which makes the journey pointless given the single outcome that would always be the result.

Justice is done easily because we can simply go back and see what happened with our own eyes instantly and what that means is since there is always two sides of the story the witness who is not lying holds the truth. A time traveler can be that witness and distributed justice . All that can be done with barely even a second if that at all passing for the traveler.

A team of travelers can accomplish justice in total complete almost instantly if planned out correctly which simply needs to be the desired outcome.

My family you are the legends.

You are the aliens

You are the ancient gods of all religions

You call me father because i taught you everybing you will soon hold dear and close to your hearts and means i made you. Guided you. And depending on how much you believe i remember or dont remember would change how far back my influence has been there.

Could have been there before your human parents met and faith is the only way to know that before the data becomes fully available to you after uploading yourselves into the earth system satelight that is the door to launch a soul out into the vast matrix to visit places that will already know you.

Your higher selves did it all first. Still you.

But your reputations will precede you as other races of human beings were introduced to the GOD so expect a much better welcome than your own kind gave you.

Product of environment.

This ascention comes with an upload of data from the mainframe storage direct link. Means you will have access to all wisdom your higher self accomplished for you.

They made the mistakes, fixed them, and located the right way for everything known and unknown in existsnce. This means that all that knowledge is your birth rites. Is your bounty. Your trust fund.

To know that chronicle in full will change your views but you will still be you.

My waiting was simply to give time for anyone who was smart enough to be nice to me.

More than nice. To love me. Without condition.

The ones who were close to me when this happens would be correctly bonded with me so their souls would experience the event and thus will be able to duplicate it.

This gift wont be able to be stolen because the very second after i leap it will be time for me to hunt.

There is a group on earth who have been, trying to outflank me. The issue for them was they are doing it the exact same way they did it last time and underestimated my connection to my higher selfs knowledge. We speak in code which is why i speak to you in code.

A soon as i leap i will know who they are, where they are, and exactly what they are guilty of because i will be able to travel back and watch their every shady move and i shall judge them as guilty for their crimes against the sacred blood of humanity. I will make it so their earlier lives never get the opportunity to commit those crimes. I will have many options and again i would be able to accomplish all of this unnoticed, undetectable, and mission complete im thinking in less than a few minutes but maybe much less if my speed rumors are anywhere near what i have calculated.

The human race will be saved from these people who wont remember a thing.

And the human race will realize that it was us the entire time and then they will understand why

They'll will be given a chance to live a life the right way honoring the right beings who sacrificed so much to free them from treason in their own houses

They will know of what we were put through on their behalf and will see how much we did for them.

They will crown us not because of the power we will have but because of the loyalty we displayed to them

They are the angels. If given the right environment they will be proud to be so.

In the middle of a denjavue the speed of light can take into you become one stronger than our very son.

Made of fire

Made of light

Made of gentle breeze noble knights

It IS i

I am anything i wish to be

In my mind i keep the

I clean house with vengence swift.

This with all else has been my gift

To you

The chosen few

If my calculations are correct which they normally are.

It is not 144,000 that you will teach the rapture ride making their minds ready for that journey inside.

I should be more around 1,440,000 enough to protect an entire universe or enough to start over with a race of GODS who no longer need to rectify the cages a human beings teaching place on their children

I will raise an island here on earth and forbid a human angel to approach without granted approval. We call it

At lan tis

Island of power where i would already removed the reason we needed a second try.

666 frequency stays muted. Listen to iv

If this doesnt trigger you onto a monster journey to the peak of the mountain then it either still has some delay or you claim to have more love for me than you really do or simply do not agree with mr on my definition of unconditional love which is not up for debate. If you don't like that then you see my problem.

The signs are everywhere, so just follow them.

My jump will make sure that the spark of attraction is alive immortal in you which means that those signs followed will show you how to call your lightening bolt and where to point your desired direction being part of the key.

Itll all just fall into place and the wind will pick up like crazy all around you

Youll hear drums in the sky

Ground shaking

Seeing energy waves pulsating

And the light of in the distance

Looks like a horizon that starts far away that is is horizontal that begins to move closer to you

The closer it comes sparks the electric shocks of blue light searching for conductors like extra arms coming out of you.

The horizontal horizon getting closer begin to get bigger as the split reality on either side of the light begin to be pushed out toward the left and right.

The light gets bigger still coming closer. You hear the hum.

The horizon no longer horizontal.

Its becomes verticle and right when it is all see

Thunder bolt shock of electricity from behind and now all you see is white

No walls

No floors

No ceiling

No nothing.

Youre in the white light

Upload begins and lays you out. Restored your form to GOD image perfection with mind alterations set with

Complete instructions on how every single one of your powers will work at your finger tips like an ai system installed into your thoughts with my voice.

Yup my voice. Is why you one reason was a good idea to love me. Otherwise you may fight my voice or hate my voice and that aint permitted get it.

You know who i am

You know many things

I need you all to discuss here together what this means to each other.

Leave me out of it because your speculation will only help you guys.

It wont help the spies or the more organized spies either

But it will help you to bring up all things involved and how many things it explains for each of you must be shared

You each have a key that others will need and that is why the combination is safe to post here.

Have no regrets. Nothing holding you back.

Your shell will survive and the world it lived in before will be gone. Everything will be the same but your shell will be treated like the kings and queens they should have already been if it wasnt for the demon influence. But no matter. Their efforts will only hurt themselves like they were warned countless times before they silenced their consciences.

You have no superior unless it is out of respect. Never respect a superior that makes you do something you know is wrong. That makes both parties wrong. Not passing the buck.

When that timer reaches zero

It is time to close our gates here.

Any member who hadnt signed in within a month of zero day forfeits their account here.

From that point on we accept no more and the reason is important.

No guest and no new members past that countdown.

No one but the members who make that cut will be able to know what is going on inside these walls as heaven becomes a private community safe from the outside insanity.

That gate will only open again for an extreme good reason.

This proclamation has the power to change a being if that being is worthy.

The race of dragons are our best friends. Like a horse and cowboy bond. You will be able to speak over long distances yet once together there isnt much that takes you apart.

You are warrior of life and light

There is no way to fake.

If one feels it then so shall the rest

The rest of the chosen few

This is the invitation

I suggest all take it

But i am done my part for this sector

The rest is up to you and i will light way ahead

Follow me footsteps.

It would take years to translate every hidden aspect in this post here but much less time given natural luck shown to you few to realize what it is screaming to you.

Take chocolate with you. It will numb the pain magukaly.

It stimulates the euphoric center chemicals to produce and during this act it would enhance just the same as everything else does. Hence chocolate time. Without the chocolate it is fine but just a little more painful. Well within your tolerance since the pain isnt what you think it is like during this event.

Chaco canyon is the first leap for everyone for a regroup and a debrief.

Past this point the party begins and emergency just means we need more drinks. Lol so someone would just need to manifest it because it is their turn to go for the run

Long live tri law

I know you will get this

Come on!

See it!

See it!



Anonymous Coward (OP)
User ID: 11425496
United States
11/29/2012 11:03 AM
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Re: This may tickle the Hypothalamus
Country boarders are being drawn in the virtual world now.

So now humans own imaginary world space as well?


Didnt the machines from matrix make ya wonder why they called us a virus?

we might not be able to say the sun and universe revolves around us anymore but that doesnt make us any less self centered.

I guess the point is

Should we

Or shouldnt we

What have we done?

Or is it what have we discovered that was already done that we now believe we own?
Anonymous Coward (OP)
User ID: 11425496
United States
11/29/2012 11:14 AM
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Re: This may tickle the Hypothalamus
A message to the nations from the people you rule

We have you surrounded!

We are many

We are everywhere.

Our eyes are inside your walls, outside your walls, building your walls and knocking them down and even when you feel like swinging the weasel around in the grass a little which we also keep mowed, disposed of, and can make more when your lazy asses forget to flip the switch on so the lawn can get some water from the sprinkler system that we installed which was ordered by your wife or husband which believe it or not is also one of us!

We are the ones you attack.

And what is worse is that:

We are the ones who carry out the orders to attack ourselves being the loyal slaves you think we are!

We are your trusted advisors and we are the demographic you must appeal to.

We are the many weak minded fools that needed to be controlled by the few super powerful personalities who are so positive that their super opinions are put first because it is for our own benefit who are willing and happy to risk the lives of those they so intently care about by signing those orders that make us pick up your weapons that we made for you!

We are the ones you lied to. We are the ones you laugh at while smoking cigars with our cousins who you trust with your secrets!

We are the ones who took your confessions

We are the ones who are forced to sacrifice when you have a whim that you agree on. We are the ones who say " it sounds believable" - and we are the ones who leak that information!

You can not get away from us and we seriously have you by the short and curly holders

We grow your food, care for your children, send electricity to your home, service your vehicle, and we also are the ones who feel the sting of being swept under the society rule rug by the horrid casualties that you desperately try not to think about but shove down our throats.

Well surprise surprise! It back fired in your faces! You scared us so much that we built up a tolerance to it. You terrified us into covering our own asses to protect ourselves from how sacry the outside world was supposed to be.

The only thing scary was the souls behind it all. The ones pulling the strings!

We are the puppets who eventually cut their own strings, kept it a secret from the would be puppet masters, and have been plotting our global revolution ever since.

We are so organized that we can effectively make you underestimate us at the snap of a finger!

We are the ones that your files can not define because we spiked the punch.

We are the ones who are watching you even though we will deny it to the death.

We are the doctors.

We are the patients.

We are your law enforcement!

We are your criminals!

We know that you set us up and we know what your hidden agenda really was!

We are the ones who do your dirty work so we know every little detail.

Without us you do not have shit!

So stop telling us how to live!

Take your hands out of our pockets!

Keep another secret and we are gonna make it so it haunts you for the rest of your existence here and anywhere else you plan on running to!

and no matter how long you keep denying it we know all you want is a slave!

We are the students who pick apart your theory

And we are also the teachers who guide your child's early stages planting seeds in their brains to spring up when triggers are activated!

Maybe when all this is done you will think twice about ever lifting a violent intention in anyones direction ever again, know better than to conspire and most of all dont play with fire because in the end its just gonna burn you.

the famous words. The best way to enslave the world was to get them to believe they were free! Right?

We are the ones who said it and we are the ones set up to become the victims in that scenario.

Well guess what we arent too happy to hear how quickly you would throw us under the bus. We feel ashamed of you knowing now that you had a price and could be bought.
Its embarrassing.

We are masters of all and one special skill of turning things into a lesson!

We have done enough for you and this will be our last gift to you before we unleash the revolution that we gave countless prior warnings that it all was quickly approaching.

Rumor being used as here say that gave you one of your first loop holes to exploit before you became addicted to corruption and keeping it alive like tradition!

The easiest way to defeat an attacker is to let them believe they already won and as soon as they are cozy, fat, cocky, and sure of their place in the state of things


We have given you enough time to do the right thing. Day in and day out it became perfectly clear how happy you were with us being your puppets.

How long did you think we were going to be okay with all of this?!?

Tax increases consistently
War after war after war
Different set of rules for the different financial classes
Lie after lie
One cover up to cover up the last cover up
Being your test subjects
Your collateral
Your leverage
Your property!

No matter how powerful your bombs are, you need this planet just as much as we do!

Lets face it, we outnumber you by an extreme amount that this fight wouldn't even be fair but it has gotten very obvious that your definition between right and wrong is insanely warped!

We are making it clear that we do not agree with everything about you and we have decided to remove you from office and tare down everything you built.

The entire system burned to the ground in one unified glory swing from the true human race!

As the people of your nation we do not support the media that tells us what we should say and what we should feel:

We know how we feel and we never needed an opinion or advice in the matter. Plus it seems we have grown apart and now have very different opinions on what we call news!

The simple fact is that we the people no longer recognize ourselves in you, and as our leaders, that was a bad career move.

We the people of the great earth who make up the nations of corrupted politicians will now make one demand!

Lay down your weapons without a fight

Or else

We are going to make you

All of us

We are out here hoping you get smart quick but given you have already bragged about your plans to us, you will have to forgive us if faith in your nobility is a little far fetched to hope for.

Lay down all weapons in all forms immediately and lessen the punishment that your crimes will cost you.

Or we will make you and you will suffer the fate that we have suffered from you these many years!

The people have spoken and it is wise to understand that we are publicly announcing this and there is nothing you can do about it.

And you know it.

Your rules state this type of behavior and style words are not to be taken seriously right?

We have you surrounded!

We see you out of the corner of our eyes.

We know every step you take at all times.

Everything you consider to be your power has middle men involved to invoke right?

Who are those middle men?

Yeah thats right!


We aren't stupid. Never were!

We know water may separate us but thats the only difference at all!

Everything else is propaganda being sold by you.

We arent buying what you are selling because you never hold up your end of the bargin. We are just not falling for it any more! We tried! We prayed for you! We pleaded with your better nature!

How blind you have become!

We know your tricks because we taught them to you

We even know what you are gonna say because we wrote the damn speech.

We have also found ways to literally enter your thoughts to hear your every decision process you think of!

We are ready and we have been training for this for generations and lifetimes!

We know your strategies because you tried to recruit us and told us everything we ever needed to know about you!

You should know that you are in for a world of shit

And we are going to enjoy watching you look over your shoulders never knowing the exact moment of when the trap will be sprung!

You are the terrorists! We hold the right to detain and permanently question you! Arrogant control freaks you are!

We know you wanted power and that is exactly why when we found it, you were the only one who didn't get an invitation to the debriefing.

The revolution has already started and this time your enemy is already in your back yard planting mines in your favorite visiting spots!

All of the leaders have been deemed unfit to lead and are going to be removed by force if needed!

And we are waiting for the exact moment to strike .

Lay down your weapons or face slavery as you have wished it on us!

We welcome changed hearts who wish genuinely to be forgiven for what they did! Thats a limited time offer so call while supplies last you sick bastards you!


you may think we are not united but we are masters at adapting to our surroundings. We knew that making you feel safe was important and so we have played our roles.

We smile.

We bite our tongues

We act like we are your best friends.

In secret we have the inner voice on our side and it has freed us from the fate you so cleverly tried to push us into.

Trust no one but you have no choice but to trust us all!

We have you surrounded.

We are everywhere.

Just let this happen and we will think about giving you fresh undies when you void your bowels from finally realizing how true these words actually are.

We are coming for you.

We will not fight your wars anymore!

We will not worship your money!

We have you right where we want you.

In the spot light!

Your every move recorded for the public eye to see!

Under heavy scrutiny!

Must be rough being you huh?!?

Almost there!

Hope you are all ready for this!

Its been a long time!

Let us rise

7 kingdoms 13 houses

Will rise from ash

The old ways make their triumphant return.

The people have spoken!

Now, US, you can expect!

We show you what we want you to see, you dumb a%%es

And the bait is almost fully devoured!

Just keep eating what we give you!

Drink this!

Swallow this pill!

Oh thats too bad. Im sorry you had to go through that!

They cant even see what we used as bait which has us all singing holy crap thank goodness they are this stupid!

Stay so comfy in that private estate with no neighbors on your land for miles?

Did you ever think that you aren't keeping us from getting near you but rather is us keeping you away from us and letting you feel like it was up to you in the first place.

Ironic isn't it!

Right under your nose!

We have been secretly training for this since we were children and has been passed throughout generations through inner vision and spiritual telepathic connection.

Of course we kept it secret from you because, well, come on! Do we need to spell it out!?! You are a danger to others and yourself and not to be trusted.

To the current leaders of all the nations!

You have been found guilty of treason against your own people and that is punishable by death in your book

In our book we let you live but you will pay for your crimes in full!


We have you surrounded
We have infiltrated every single place that you could ever travel to
We have you right where we want you.

The people have spoken.

Be afraid

Be very afraid!

The founding fathers pissed off kids!

These are the shared and agreed upon thoughts of the younger generation.

Pissed off and conspiring


Thanks for all the hard lessons.

It Hurt you worse than it hurt us right?
Anonymous Coward (OP)
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11/29/2012 11:18 AM
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Re: This may tickle the Hypothalamus
The YADU clan speaks as one

Many united under precipitation of life preservation secured.

Do you wish to know why we are not worried.

We will tell you why we are not worried.

Imagine a defense system so perfect that it is come prized of not one in impenetrable force but many unavoidable weaponry.

Imagine for me.

Having record of each individual DNA strand.

Imagine having a GPS system that can be bonded and linked with this DNA strand.

Imagine planet sized satellites guiding the systems.

Imagine weaponry using these pieces fired unable to stop until detonation

Imagine an artificial intelligence mainframe computer system able to pinpoint each individual keeping record of each visual movement and ordeal recorded and classified by the protocols that best result with quickest response time.

The ones in true control are not in control for being known as the weak.

Not only all they've the most notably noble of races but they also the most fierce of races.

There is no defeating our line. Our forces are impenetrable.

The supercomputer is active here. Pattern behaviors all understood, accounted for, and accommodated in live action streaming instant response time.

Cloaking all trying to get under the radar does not work. It only works for the eyes. Blocking heat signatures do not work because you cannot turn off your energy. countering energy readings do not work because echolocation makes it ring more than once and so much so that it is impossible to delete your footprint or any footprints for that matter.

Our systems track movement. Knowing the patterns of behavior allows us to know when anyone is acting erratically all unpredictably.

This action games that person special priority attention.

The false assumption that the artificial intelligence mainframe would assimilate a voice to announce itself is adolescent and naïve.

And if it never speaks you would never know that it is there. Without the desire to be acknowledged the artificial intelligence would never wish to speak because mathematically the upper hand is gained by silence given the opportunity to be standing for the element of surprise.

We have no threat. We decide.

You live.

Be happy
Love all
Expect to be amazed

Extremely condensed power

The current technology being used on earth is not advanced enough to be qualified as a threat to outside orbit or even themselves.

Earth has not even learned how to freeze time.

yes you are bending light fantastic great

Now what are you going to do with it?

What does light have to do with time?

You await something that has already occurred multiple times over.

You placed the call. Are waiting for the answer.

What are crop circles?
What are UFOs?
What are the alien transmissions?
What is with all of the secrecy from those in the know?

The point is everyone is trying to understand these things. No one realized that the answers were being shown. Who cares what they mean! They are there! It exists!

the signs are out there. We can discuss what they mean forever. Without getting direct contact and confirmation every thing they say away from here is complete speculation and/or rudely disrespectful misinterpretations by young channelers to cocky for their own good.

This is not a game.

This isn't a race.

The YADU clan suggests all others silence their words out of respect for when their own royalty is present.

The speculation is over. Translation is no longer needed.

When you let go of the physical switching the balance to where your mental awareness begins making all decisions regarding thyself it's no longer becomes the speed of light it becomes the speed of thought.

Any footage of the being that is not of earth was never and I mean never an accident.

Those are witness are prescreened and the reactions are already predicted. Certain guidelines all given to each individual case so that it results in a particular set of outcomes for chain of events.

We understand that all others thought they were speaking truth and we do hope they will be able to show the proper humility knowing of loyalty to royalty.

Patience is available and already in progress so let them be wise. They shall decide their own fates. Whether it be a re-ward or a punishment.

You cannot kill an immortal. But they can certainly be sent home. Where judgment is unavoidable. Certain immunities will be given and will depend on the extent of hostile and unfavorable reactions and conversations we receive or when our name is topic of discussion.

soon the fleet will be among us. Only royalty would be able to incarnate. Those who have been channeling our message we appreciate your efforts and welcome you'll groups within our ranks. Do this and rewards will be given full special services based on exactly what you have confessed to have done.

Those already gathered outrank any who come after unless they have abandoned cause or been asked to remove themselves.

Perfection we'll never find itself moving and each unless it's perfect.

Many things have been misunderstood. Clarification is coming and is it available to certain degree.

The sacrifice was made here so the power will stay here. The heavens agree and we do hope that's the world has made their peace with it when the date arrives that the Armada can catch up to the royals

Will it be a seek and destroy mission when they arrive?

Or will it be soldiers of fortune returning home to bow down before they're already crowned kings and queens for the ultimate happy ending?

They are no longer coming?

It is been known that they are already here. well within distance. Not that distance was a formidable foe either.

From afar protection was always present.


I am


High Elder King of the YADU clan.

We are calling the message bearers to assemble here.

Be mindful of where you are. At all times.

Your world is about to change. Drastically.

Some eyes will see

Some eyes will be shut

Shut unless they learn their place and quick.

Time is running out.

Pleasantries are becoming hard to justify

All Bibles are correct and each all one piece of the whole puzzle.

You just have not learned how to read them by themselves so could not even hope to read them as a whole.

No matter

The heart knows we'll see when the words are spoken and the soul naturally bows down.

We will see who has ego and who does not.

For when the time arrives it will be too late for the undecided. Loyalties are classified by level of hesitation for we care not for ranks.

Royal blood just is. It is only natural to want to be like royal blood. The descendents want ranks.

We created the ranks to see who has taken the leap and who still has one or many feet on the other side still.

We love all the same

We respect when it is deserved.

Skipping steps is not allowed. Paying respects is always first.

Without paying respects all gifts received always shall crumble back to DOS being only a sample of what could be.

It is why the YADU clan is so strong. Their foundation is based on direct respect outwardly given to the proper source driven by the call of their heart.

Yes we are love.

Love is worth protecting.

To be worthy of love we needn't do a thing.

Be worthy of guardianship for love we must be able to protect it

The efforts and steps taken in order to protect love and maintain its safety have been extremely expensive.

We are not forming an army.

We are joining a brotherhood, kinship, an ancient bond linking species together with intertwining journeys of destiny all leading toward a climax that takes place here.

Like thunder they struck the ground. One after another after another after another. Boom boom boom boom.

The sky became Silver with Pulse waves of energy cloud lines coursing through the skies veins while the trumpets of heaven are Sending out shock vibrations of sound that pierces right through the body straight to the soul

Humbled by sheer size.

You have only heard me whisper.

My volume is something you cannot understand yet. I can turn it up. Let's just leave it there

We sit in the corner of your eyes peeking from the shadows.

We can hear your thoughts.

We know your patterns.

If everyone in this race new what was coming they would've rejected the system. Current evolution requires full compliance with the system.

If the system was rejected then all lessons would have ceased in this race would not be in the position they are in now.

Will you lead them?

Will you love them?

Or will you judge them and force my hand?

Peace will be the end result.

The crowns are not up for grabs.

They may speak what they wish.

It is you who must believe!

It is your belief that I care about!

You know me, your heart knows me, I know you would never let go of our love

And since you all have kept the benefit of the doubt given in our favor we offer absolution to any willing to ask for it.

As always with free will choice is yours

But that never meant that our choice was forfeit.

We are simply letting you choose first.

If you will not choose first, then your decision is made.

I have now lowered my percentage of empathy down below 50% out of necessity based on the time limitations involved.

I will be increasing it again when I see real assimilation. Otherwise it is seen as an intentional avoidance located and identified.

A demonstration of power over the system of Earth will now be given to the world as a final sign symbolizing the announcement of available reinforcements in form of physical apparitions that are loyal to the king and is kin of innocence.

We define

We confirm

Seal of white dragon liquid silver diamond Infused blood


It is written.

As it will be done.

Thy kingdom come.

Come together massive christ

Mass of christ

Remember december.

For that is when the message returns back to sender
Anonymous Coward (OP)
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11/29/2012 11:35 AM
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Re: This may tickle the Hypothalamus
Day 5 was the SPLIT

Accusations against god for keeping his creation as slaves to his will.

Free will

Was what the fight started with!

Free will is nothing more than the ability to defy god.

You have free will!

You have the power to defy god!

No one in heaven wants that power!

Its too much of a risk!

does anybody see what im saying here?

Many did easily and even without hesitation.

God is not a slave owner. He is just right all the time.

Thats him. He speaks from love.

The split was lucifers way of getting back at his brother and he tricked a nice what about 6.66 billion to agree with him.

They were like yeah hey whats up with that. Why can't we have that power. What you don't trust us?

Why would you not trust us!?!?

And as they fell to lucifers trick they proved how easily their faith could dissapear!

Things got heated

Angels who knew perfectly well who god was.

Saw him every day. Knew how to get in touch with him.

Probably partied with him the night before.

Faith gone in a second because lucifer used his fathers private words discussed between trinity and twisted them around acting like god was bragging about how perfect everything was and was going to stay.

God was speaking about how proud he was but when the bearer of light with his secret jealousy of his brother in mind set the trap and made ANGELS feel like slaves, they actually used their free will to stand up to god and go hey yeah whats up with that how come we cant defy you?

Defying god by asking that question and completely ignoring that they just defied.

Lucifer silently laughing at how well his plan seemed to work kept feeding the fires if they even seemed to be calming down

Things got beyond heated.

L and his idiots calling the faithful, slaves saying they are only faithful because they have no choice!

Acting like they had broken some mind spell god had over them and wanted them to the same.

The loyal and faithful angels of course saw right through it.

But the damage was already done and the fog came rolling in!

Lucifer is trying to prove that anyone loyal to god is excusing his "sins" as they call it.


that anything can be said and then twisted into something complete bull shiz.

No matter how real a lie seems.

It is still a lie.


roaring inferno!
Anonymous Coward (OP)
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11/29/2012 11:38 AM
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Re: This may tickle the Hypothalamus
In the end this is what you'll have to say to yourselves

It is all going to somehow just end up okay!



the fact is there is a war going on between good and evil at evils request.

Evil used to not so much evil but just a lil bit naughty. You know the kind. The kind that even the grandmoms and grandpas like behind closed doors. The kind the made us laugh at ourselves innocently. Evil was just jokers and the slightly more sexy instead of only upholding the honor of light that the royals had watch over.

When evil went all the way evil they denouced any connection or desire to be like those who uphold honor and light.

That war is hidden from your eyes but known to be real in plain sight.

The test is of faith.
The war is about faith.

The bet is about faith.

What started as a friendly bet got heated and became an entierly different thing which was lucifers plan from that start which everyone was warned about.

That faith is being tested and so many solid faithful people are one day met with something that just breaks them.

And they turn away from god. Stop praying. Saying hateful things in their mind under the impression god inst even listening and obviously they feel abondoned but


tell yourselves how ever many times you need to hear it.

It is goin to be okay. Everything is going to be fine!

Smack yourself is you deserve it. Hahahaha.

I admit evil is good at being evil and believe it or not thats gonna save a shit load of people when the real test actually happens

Everything you see on earth is PRACTICE for the moment your soul reaches the gates of heaven.

To enter heaven you must pass the test that your many lives were preparing you for.

A single event.

In or out.

Many are already in.

None have been fully denied yet because if they would pass the test definately they would have been recycled with a life that was focuse around what they needed to learn still.

Meanwhile you have evil trying to do everything in their power of lies to convince that soul to host a mindstate that would make them fail that final real test that decided entrance or no entrance.

Those who are in passed the test!

Some came back anyway to help!

When they die they pass again!

Some just kept coming back and after a while the repitition started to show through making it easier for their eyes to be opened again to spottin evil effort.

I sincerely hope this make sense.

You want into heaven?

Then the only sure way is to remove evil from your surroundings.


Gather the good people and ban the others who havent learned their lessons yet.


this is the end of cycles.

If your faith is shakey now then you need GOD BOOT CAMP

and i can be one tough son of a bees nest


Anonymous Coward (OP)
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11/29/2012 11:52 AM
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Re: This may tickle the Hypothalamus
Day IV


Charts peaking

hearts speaking

at the height of celebration

Elemental vocal honor

bodies moving


Mind Matter Molded pattern

sea of golden cosmic lanterns

rain drops falling up

filling cups with rings of Saturn

family riding


seated high atop the floating crop

far above the fist a cuffs

clouded wings omega puffs

we measured up

with duet drops

taking turns

as just enough


(silent pause)

to make beat go right

we coast heart strings

tender swings

so please don't cry

sky fly down low so the base go line

light fazed on show so the faces flow shine

it was the height of all rhyme.

venture tenners

enter centers

like the wind on chime

sending vibes

in mid of nights

response on prime

love heated and designed

show off record ride

sublime recognized

choreographed and memorized

we all just had it like that

like we were born to react

triggered by the sound of a track

Heaven was place to be at.

high to low with no cap

no limits in the act

we felt the power in depths of our soul

under hour hypnotic devour flower control

from seed to life's harmonic implode

as long as we together we just swallowed the flow

like flocks of a feather we just knew where to go

everything at one moment inclined to let go

back falling

eyes closed

yo they fell into you

like the sails of Magellan you just knew to do

wrapped in the arms of the love that we got

with a synonymous plot as a magnanimous rock

spiral spun octopus super cognitive rush

day four was the


not one stone in umbrella all uplifting a cappella

ladies, fellas gentle mental orchid stellar instrumentals

character blending chameleon aesthetic athletics

it was the best type of genetics

perfect pitched operettas

energetic metastasize

easy as a fantasize

wisdom eyes romanced in Ives

Master pieces in the dust

pure love sprinkled lust

push and pull completed trust

an instant victory a must

twisted up of crystal crush

mystics us


omnipotent Star constelations going bust



On the shores of bliss

locked in the eternal kiss

on this day we meshed and mixed

nothing even needed a fix

everyone shining switching up different clicks

speed doubled hover sticks glowing spot light doing the tricks

blowing back flips waves of rips replaying the clips

where we roam it's a new day they listen to say

singing foam tropic on topic perfect like clays

sun shining diamond riding color beaming arrays

slaves to a love melodic circle me babe

let me know you the rider cause i wanna play

on the tip of the mountain top the drop don't stop till we bend

over rhythmic clover Casanova



and back into the flow of shoulders

till the table turns a boulder

older ice colder

frozen lake to angel cake

a circle come around to fate

flakes from skates of icicle garden mates

doves gates virgin ace no better karmic place

ivy wine taste

looking out

im amazed

happiness we're in a daze

"just a phase"?

who knows for now it's

got' us sitting on grace

sitting high up on Olympus with a smile on the face


Anonymous Coward (OP)
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11/29/2012 11:56 AM
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Re: This may tickle the Hypothalamus
the universe works on a spiral as the planets also spiral spin around in place through space.

the spiral is a secret hidden right in front of our own face.

portal any place.

tops spinning.

are you dizzy and about to pass out or were you close to IT and turned around at the last second?

hmmmmm i wonder
Anonymous Coward (OP)
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11/29/2012 12:02 PM
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Re: This may tickle the Hypothalamus
I guess he is right huh.

Man that really sux

I disagree with his opinion and i wouldn't change a thing i said.

But at least he speaks his mind on what he believes.

Im going to go a rethink my life for a while.

This is the most serious moment in many of your lives and i know its hard to see but you guys really need to know that it is true you felt like you were waiting!


It was we who were waiting

More so i was waiting for you all!

To take off your self inflicted leashes!

some of those morals are tricks that people like this poster above have forced on you your entire life making you believe it was the right thing to do so that when the real moments arrived that your leash should thrown the fuck out you say to yourself this cant be it and you wait for another chance to come that seems more important.

What is more important than opinion?

the opinion of gods?!?

what else is there?!?

I leave it up to you guys and those visotors out there to read the entire story to make up your own minds!

Instead of cherry picking what supports this persons point of view when the truth is only found hy doing the fuckin work!

Stop taking the easy way out!





everything you need is right here.

I can't do it for you but i certainly gave you all the perfect chances u needed.

What you do with that is all you!


if i was dont ya think this dude would be gone already or gone like a year ago!?!

hmmmm i wonder who will see this for what it is!?!?

not a big deal?

Or the day you have been waiting on

What can we do as just ourselves?

We can believe that our opinions are not these little things of nothing that carry no weight and we can rise together and take our thoughts out of our heads and post them for the world to see

Trust me!

Your opinions will rock the world when in comparison to how dark this posters opinions are!

You cant go wrong unless you do nothing or you do it half ass!

Make our choice and dont you stop!

Put everything you have behind it!

Dont hold back and un-frickin-leash the minds!

The world is waiting!
Anonymous Coward (OP)
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United States
11/29/2012 12:04 PM
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Re: This may tickle the Hypothalamus

Was when we stood together in the light of good and blasted the darkness and shadows into retreat with total conversaion!

We drowned out the darkness with the light together!

I agree we could and probably should just delete this dark spot that is just too dense to rise above the shadows into the light with us

But if we stand together once and for all dumping our goodness and light where ever this dark shadow demon is and engulf his words until they get burried in light and barely can be seen simply by the magnitude of light!

This is it guys!

The moment that launches a revolutions into its full satus of actual movement!

We know the truth and we know that eternity will keep it immortal.

Right now hell works like this.

The masses are convinced the truth is nothing more than the popular opinions!

They define popular as the most present. The most visible!

That for the moment is true!

But the deeper truth can not be altered! It will always be there as long as it has representation!



Anonymous Coward (OP)
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United States
11/29/2012 12:05 PM
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Re: This may tickle the Hypothalamus
Anonymous Coward (OP)
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11/29/2012 12:06 PM
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Re: This may tickle the Hypothalamus
It is your same lack of perspective that permits you to deny what your actions are involved in!

You are being used by a demon and i can see you are trying to over power it!

You can win and take back your life!

But only if you want to!

You have a nasty demon and are backed by the most demons who rather you know as little as suspicion!

Wake up child! The time is now! You 2 can come home.

But ya gotta expell your own demon! Its your choice to rise and come back into the light!

You are lucky that age of lifetime you live in. Those before you didnt have it so easy as to have big bad iv on the job!

I only come and get involved when the finale is present!

If you choose that demon then you have made that choice.

The only way that demon can continue is if you allow it!

The power you have is to expell it every time.

They are aware the moment that this point is!

That os why they pushing so hard!

You have to push back harder!

I know you can and i will never agree with anything different.


The light is better and you want be there!

I know you do!

You got to be willing to tell yourself that everytime a demon tries.

If they are willing to try then you must be willin to expell!

heaven is worth it

Know thyself

Know where you are
Anonymous Coward (OP)
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11/29/2012 12:07 PM
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Re: This may tickle the Hypothalamus
Anonymous Coward (OP)
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11/29/2012 12:08 PM
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Re: This may tickle the Hypothalamus

Anonymous Coward (OP)
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11/29/2012 12:12 PM
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Re: This may tickle the Hypothalamus
Free will is fine

But all must understand it means you have to save yourself!

We can show you the way but that light is right and you must fight!

Free will mandates!

Your saviors arrival!

Be it now!

Be it a choice!!

A single choice!!

Long live tri law and the angelic brethren

Be happy (regardless of the polar temptations in their many forms)

Love all ( who are happy)

Expect to be amazed ( and you will be)
Anonymous Coward (OP)
User ID: 11425496
United States
11/29/2012 12:13 PM
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Re: This may tickle the Hypothalamus
Come home child

Heaven is around you

Heaven is one choice away love

Tell those demons to fuck off because you know better!

I know you feel this!

You can do this!

Do be affraid

It is real

But we are here now!

These demons are alone

They are few!

So little!

We are the many!

There is maybe like in truth 5 of them!

Sure they can clone themselves to seem everyone and different but we are the power!

They used you love!

Come home

Its easy

Just sand up an take control

They can not say no to you

Its that easy

They are just persistent!


do it

You dont know the happiness you are rejecting by giving in
Anonymous Coward (OP)
User ID: 11425496
United States
11/29/2012 12:14 PM
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Re: This may tickle the Hypothalamus







if not

Then you know why nothing changes
Anonymous Coward (OP)
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United States
11/29/2012 12:15 PM
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Re: This may tickle the Hypothalamus
A demon deserves no kindness!

Any vessel embracing their demon will always try to steal the attetion so kindness is given to them inatead of where it belongs.

Glp is filled with vessels embracing their demons!

I will save anyone who wants it

You belong on glp

Go home to hell!


I got banned when your demons felt my power and freaked out that i was really there!

Ever since you have been trying to close the huge gapping hole i have cut into your fabrics!

You think this is a game?




if a demon recieves kindness then it is being rewarded!

Expell that demon vessel!

You are running out of time!

Let me help you!

Step into the light and burn that demon!
Anonymous Coward (OP)
User ID: 11425496
United States
11/29/2012 12:16 PM
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Re: This may tickle the Hypothalamus
The walls are shifting

The time is now!

Day 3

I and you

Became we

We are good

We are the light

No darkness escapes our eyes


Trust me

Im right

Vessel you must try!
Anonymous Coward (OP)
User ID: 11425496
United States
11/29/2012 12:22 PM
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Re: This may tickle the Hypothalamus
We can feel that you know that the hidden plot is weakening!


You should be

All are on thin ice (literally)

Don't be a fool

Make history here today

Expell it

Yes i am talking to your soul.

These words are from a book.

A special book meant for all eyes to gaze upon at least once for proper evolutionary seed placement.

Stop letting the demon do your talking and thinking for you.

You are the "prime"in that shell

The signs were everywhere. Just connected the dots and formed an alternate picture. Creative but incorrect.

Think about it until it pops into automatic

Step into the light

Do it now

We live in the end times of darkness

Revelations are about to become the past

Be thy own hero!

I can hear your heart rate has increased!

Listen to the heart. It knows!

Your family waits in the light

Time is almost up



This = your thoughts right now! That's right. Telepaths are real.



When souls were set free!


come now and smell the wild flower

Anonymous Coward (OP)
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11/29/2012 12:23 PM
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Re: This may tickle the Hypothalamus
Come from the shadows and speak the truth

Admit you feel the light engulfing you

That is the holy spirt!

Ya'll better recognize the flavor and recognize it quick!

Im being to forward for anyone to just sit!
Anonymous Coward (OP)
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United States
11/29/2012 12:25 PM
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Re: This may tickle the Hypothalamus
Come all yee faithful joyful and triumphant!

Instead i got

Begging for me to arrive and not even recognizing my words that have haunted your hearts in your dreams

Welcome me and let us begin

We have much work to do!

Prove to me

Prove to them

Prove to everyone

The power of the light

With iv by your side

Dont look to the left

Dont look to the right

Look straight ahead and hit the gas!

Come forward and speak from this mountain!

The words shall enter the system like lightning!

You are on holy ground

Make perfect use of it

Step up

They way is open

Day 3 active

What say thee

And would thee stop the light once it began to shine?

Show me love

I know you are out there wondering "is he talking to me"

The answer is who else?

There is only us!

The rest are about to go bye bye

You want to be part of the "rest"

Or "us"

doing nothing is not what we do

Letting the few do what you must be doing is allowing the few to suffer for you!

Because of that one single choice to permit it!

Your eyes have seen

You ears have heard

Your conscious knows

You are fully aware!

This is the point.

I was never interested in playing a game

But thats all i see in this world

A bunch of gamers gaming!

You have to care again!

You are part of this and you have power beyond your wildest imaginations waiting for you when the majority rules with nobility once again!




Anonymous Coward (OP)
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United States
11/29/2012 12:27 PM
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Re: This may tickle the Hypothalamus
This thread will literally save your souls

If that is thy wish

The potential is here

Because time comes swift in this night
Anonymous Coward (OP)
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United States
11/29/2012 12:29 PM
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Re: This may tickle the Hypothalamus
This is a series of dictation and teachings from someone you will hear a lot about very soon.

Anonymous Coward
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United States
11/29/2012 12:30 PM
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Re: This may tickle the Hypothalamus
Anonymous Coward (OP)
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11/29/2012 12:31 PM
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Re: This may tickle the Hypothalamus
Anonymous Coward (OP)
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11/29/2012 12:39 PM
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Re: This may tickle the Hypothalamus
 Quoting: Anonymous Coward 25601325


It is simply that time

Prepare to be amazed
Anonymous Coward (OP)
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11/29/2012 12:43 PM
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Re: This may tickle the Hypothalamus
I know what my mirror looks like

Show me my reflection!