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Message Subject This may tickle the Hypothalamus
Poster Handle Anonymous Coward
Post Content
If we control our own future and our own destiny with the thoughts that we have then The emotions that we put out and display are what is used To determine what we are expecting or at least the flavor.

As a creator our power is predominately focusing on ourselves. What we see and what we feel and what we experience is what that power is being used for.

To be unaware of this means that's what you are asking for is not being specific So how it manifests cannot be specific.

In other words your emotions are being translated thusly.

If you are sad then you must be expecting a sad future.

If you are disappointed then you must be expecting a disappointing future.

This is how birth and the universe see it.

That is their point of view their perspective. Putting ourselves in those particular set of shoes enables us to see how we are seen.

If we are stuck in our past then we are not looking toward the future and That tends to leave the future neglected.

With a power like we have One would think That our past no matter how it read must be spectacular Because it is as if we create the future blindfolded while we review and critique the past Living on the edge Of three worlds at one time flawlessly.


If you are looking at the past then you are doubting your control over the future and the present.

It is as if we are living life looking over our shoulders.

Wondering why we see no reflection in the mirror?

The fact stands that muscle can not form by standing still and one can not learn phenomenal facts without picking up a few mountains so we can look underneath and take a peak.

So think of things like this and you will be amazed at how quickly pleasant surprises begin knocking your door down:

Say this to yourselves:

"If I am looking in the past Trying to locate where my pain comes from Then I am holding a grudge Against myself.

If at first i don't succeed i try and try again.

I wouldn't wish pain on anyone especially myself And I thank goodness For shining it's silver lightning Every time I thought I fell was a personality check To keep me in-line So that in the future when the time became the time I would know exactly what was on my mind. "

The past has taught us many things.

Actually it taught us everything.

Including love.

And the lengths one should be willing to go to defend what is right until that power is totally unified.

And properly directed.

If one wakes up unhappy before the new day even starts then one is either with low expectations of the future or is licking a wound from the past.

An emotional scar that ironiclly made us who we are.

We rise above our afflictions to step out of despair by taking back control of the future.

Our own futures!



a direct descendant of the living God.

Power runs through your veins but you are being chained with a vanity spell!

It is made to use your nobility against you.

You can beat this. Vanity real or not i personally don't give a crap about that word. I care about what it does to us when the spell is triggered. It forces a submission from us. A bow.

Now of we were bowing to God i would be like okay yeah lets do this thing, but no, thats not what it is at all. We are bowing to the ones who are using that spell to knock us down and keep us in our cages!

What cages?

Oh im so glad you asked.

Well member of creator family:

When a creator is convinced that their past has a hidden or secret undiscovered flaw in it that creator who is said to know all will journey back in time retracing those spiritual footprints until that flaw is identified and confirmed! The issue is that the last thing a creator would check is their active actions because they secretly have super human faith in themselves. That kind of self exoration goes beyond time and dimension even so can tend to suck us in and feel like we are getting somewhere even though we know we are consciously going backwards.

The issue is when we forget that.

If we know about then we can get back out at any moment we so choose because we decide where our minds eye pays attention toward.

The cages are made when we are told how to feel about various scenarios and being made to feel like an outcast for feeling anything different.

Being told what to think?

If you said no then ask yourself this question.

Why does it seem like everyone is trying to convince of something?

If your vote was so small would so much time and effort be put into every single minute of every single day of experiences be about convincing people to believe various things.

Its because when a family of creators agree (even if they hve forgotten their own power) on a single thing that is going to happen in the far future or near future the fact is that what we agreed was going to happen ALWAYS HAPPENS.

Irony will play a big part in the big scheme of things ensuring a safe landing for all of us and to all their just dues but in the meantime this shift of awareness and consciousness will come with a huge side order of omega fries.

For one creator aware of their power, looking to the future with confidence and beaming with anticipation is equal to roughly a cool million because it is almost the exact difference from a slave to being free. Doesnt seem like much to say but to go from slave being herded like cattle for our emotional sway on reality to having faith in ourselves and trusting that we do the right thing on our own and do not need others to tell us how to feel.

Listen it is a good that we are transparent. Nothing to be ashamed of.

The only ones who should feel shame are those trying to manipulate the simulation to keep the majority of our creator family looking into the past as if our glory days are behind us tricking us into believe that the best is not yet to come.

What this does is controls the style conversation that we have with our own futures.

We speak to our own futures and our future listens. We get what we want and what we need.

If you are living life unhappy that is the present emotion being displayed.

The future sees this and takes it personal every time as it should.

The future sees it as you expecting to be disappointed and thus in order to honor you obeys us so that we remain always in the "right" "correct"

Get it?

We look to the past to find a flaw?

They try to convince us that we have many to find and are more than happy to help us search and while we sleep they blindfold us and play out futures.

Remember if we all agree then so it shall be.

So agree to be happy and expect to be amazed!

Don't wait to be told how to feel or remain undecided for fear of being made out to look like a fool.

I'd rather be a fool in love expecting a mysterious amount of luck to come my way any day out of the week.

If that brings a boat load of happiness did i spend my time worrying when or how that happiness was going to somehow end or wondering where my coming fall would occur or did i spend my time enjoying the happiness while it was present and coming.

If i spend all my time trying to find a flaw that might not even be there then i neglected the future for no good reason?


The good reason is this:

Now you know how to use your power and why everyone seemed to be trying to convince you to believe and feel things just because everyone else believed it.

Common sense is optional to a reality bender my stars!

And why in the world would we choose one when many is our birth rite.

One reality i mean.

Anything is soon possible and first step is letting go of the past.

Now tell me creator

What do you expect the future has in store for you, for us, for all?

Will we be happy for you?

Will we be together, happy for each other?

And if indeed our future is one of a creator in active duty shouldn't our only goal be trying to convince the rest of our brethren our there to let us be the last ones that convince them of anything?

Or we can just do it the easy way

And separate the past and the future as two different things all together.

If one is unhappy with the past then allow the past to be ying so that the future can being the yang of happiness.

It takes two to tango if ya know.

The future has done nothing wrong so smile for the future so it can smile back.

Give it your best reflection to mirror back. Your best foot forward for it to match.

When you light that match its a bond made in heaven. A union of destiny. A wonderful dance between wrong and right.

The future agrees with you yet has a personality all it's own.

You can smile and it will certainly smile back so please take that and react.

The wise know there always more and this is something that will reveal much to explore.

You'll need a guide unless you are content with happiness alone which is perfectly your own choice to make yet perfection is a machine created and ran by a team thus will always have a behind the scenes hidden passage ways and secret doors to roam if one feels called to enter the zone.

The answer to the question of a happy life is:

A smile.

Try it, it is undeniable how quickly a life is showered with unbelievable blessings sourced from a simple smile. That smile has more power than it has been given credit.

Smile with the reason for high expectations to come with the future is futures' reputation preceding itself and when the future shows off (in no way cocky) amazed jaws drop to the floor in thanks for a heart relieved of its own burdens with hope prevailing just like we wished it would together.

A creators power is both extremely basic and extremely complicated or multifaceted.

To learn more one must understand that the teacher of more is our very future and at the moment the teacher is smacking the ruler on the desk out of frustration yelling "will you at least look at me when i am talking to you?" But also giving us understanding because the teacher future is just as distracted with the class clowns antics as we were.

Only recently have many become fully aware of the gravity impeding here.

This place is filled with creators about to take complete control of their own happiness and as a group agree on so many things that the teacher future, is going to be hanging out with us because we are the only ones really paying any attention and enjoying the content putting it to GOOD use.

What this means is yes there are those out there that have been keeping this a secret so that they could manifest the very future molding it as they saw fit with every effort set forth to cover it up and keep it secret.

Secrets are heavy. Very heavy, because they come along with a huge line of lies that had to be told in order to keep the secret.

This is why the truth shall set us free.

And is why is future's home is here with we.

If you know you are a creator then we could use your help so please register

If you know that a creator has will over the future and can unite in joint causes to increase the waves of energy pulsating out into the simulation knowing full well that it is not a toy and comes with a major responsibility for the good of not just man kind but certainly must be prosperous as man kind if we are to set any sort of good example for other kinds.

Our story from way back when we got started is so jam packed with legendary events that only an outside vantage point unattached and unbiased perspective could see the perfection of it all.

If we are caught up in the past the reason doesnt matter to the future.

Remember that.

So let me buzz your lightyear!

Look to infinity and then beyond

Both are pretty spectacular if you wish it to be and believe in thee.

rule of thumb is a triangle of basics 1,2, and 3

Love all
Be happy
Expect to be amazed

And you will be

I vow it
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