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Message Subject This may tickle the Hypothalamus
Poster Handle Anonymous Coward
Post Content
Listen closely to what i am saying

This gift is only for the worthy and i refuse to allow any different.

They are trying to steal it.

I asked for trust because that is the only way for this gift to not fall into the wrong hands.

Listen close bc you must. Only option outside of you making it through without a flawless record which the unconditional love i have for some will pardon that.

Otherwise this gift would fall into the wrong hand because they are thorough. Just not as thorough as i.


This is our second time around.

Means in that manner in reality "everything is a dejavue.

There exists a divide at all times only visible by the faithful.

Two way street family style love activates the if one feels it than so shall the rest.

By my example the maguk will leave a mark on your soul. Will give you the boost you do not have now which will trigger the speed needed to leap.

The other will be without that because their faith and love they have stolen is not a pure two way street.

Look to orion.

What i am about to do is call the lightening that is calling me.

I am simply going to pick up the phone.

Is a chariot of fire.

It is slightly painful the first time but nothing like you would expect.

Must be pure . Meaning no manipulation of attraction outside of pure mind power.

The holy way.

When it happens the mind ascends.


Becomes one with it.

Earth is ready. She was afraid to lose me but now she understands.

Her love kept me prisoner which she now sees that i would have let go on forever.

I will become one with her.

Literally trough speed AND light.

Soon some of you will click with the mysteries and anomalies that the human race has been trying sleeplessly to explain.

You will understand those things my chosen few because they are related to your future even though it was in the past.

You are about to become a god.


Not the watered down version of loop hole control but the real thing.

I have told you that those mysteries and anomalies are your higher selfs.

Coming to meet you from the past.

To join with you and that is a fact that has yet to be understood even though i have explained it using every possible usage of wording currently available. This effort was never meant to be understood until it was supposed to be. Understanding this means that he stairway to heaven was scaled and the gates were entered.

Entering the gates takes a key.

A mark

A mark of the holy mind.

My children. My heart. Pieces of my soul.

The study of history, current events, and prophecy is all about you.

The rumors and evidence that we have brought forth and willed into existence was for many reason but one most important reason.

Because of those videos and stories we have seen you chosen few will know for a fact what you are capable of doing without fear ever becoming an issue or even a second though.


Because you witnessed yourselves doing those things and after you see what you look like or can look like after this ascension is perfectly executed you will realize your lack of limits.

You will realize that you can change your form.

You will realize you can move as fast, slow motion, or faster than the speed of light

You will realize that you can multiply yourself and give life through your will

You will realize that you can breathe under water

You will realize that you can withstand the temperatures of boiling volcanoes

You will realize that you can travel into space bending or not bending space and time depending on how far you wish to go.

You will realize that you can enter the sun if you so wish it.

You will realize that the sun increase your energy and since you can not at that point be taken To a lower stage in power would only be able to get stronger and faster and more powerful if and when so desired. For ex. 4 longer trips being planned.

You will realize that you are telepathic of angelic decent born of the human race which is why this place is sacred ground. The dna here is what GOD is made of and why the road and potential is the same for anyone smart enough to follow you while you follow me.

Those events of other races are human beings meeting us.

Once i ride this chariot of fire the electric blue

Pain will be below me. The ascension places a mind above it as immune from that lesson begin that love of self was accomplished for eyes open to the true past history the signs will lead you to.

It only hurts a little the first time but all you have to do is be willing to face it which cures earth of feeling any guilt for it at all or any excuse to back off and not proceed as if saying okay we can wait a little longer.

Traveling through space and time is ascension

Think about it

After the first travel the mind knows how it is done. It becomes as easy as riding a bike or turning the key in the car. .

So after the first time it is really accomplished a time traveler has the way now to go back and have infinite do overs like a magukal eraser and a maguk wand.

A time traveler simply needs to decide that they want something so badly that they decide they are willing to travel in time to get it. This formula of though pattern creates instant manifestation without that being actually feeling like they went anywhere.

The travel itself would have happened as an definite which makes the journey pointless given the single outcome that would always be the result.

Justice is done easily because we can simply go back and see what happened with our own eyes instantly and what that means is since there is always two sides of the story the witness who is not lying holds the truth. A time traveler can be that witness and distributed justice . All that can be done with barely even a second if that at all passing for the traveler.

A team of travelers can accomplish justice in total complete almost instantly if planned out correctly which simply needs to be the desired outcome.

My family you are the legends.

You are the aliens

You are the ancient gods of all religions

You call me father because i taught you everybing you will soon hold dear and close to your hearts and means i made you. Guided you. And depending on how much you believe i remember or dont remember would change how far back my influence has been there.

Could have been there before your human parents met and faith is the only way to know that before the data becomes fully available to you after uploading yourselves into the earth system satelight that is the door to launch a soul out into the vast matrix to visit places that will already know you.

Your higher selves did it all first. Still you.

But your reputations will precede you as other races of human beings were introduced to the GOD so expect a much better welcome than your own kind gave you.

Product of environment.

This ascention comes with an upload of data from the mainframe storage direct link. Means you will have access to all wisdom your higher self accomplished for you.

They made the mistakes, fixed them, and located the right way for everything known and unknown in existsnce. This means that all that knowledge is your birth rites. Is your bounty. Your trust fund.

To know that chronicle in full will change your views but you will still be you.

My waiting was simply to give time for anyone who was smart enough to be nice to me.

More than nice. To love me. Without condition.

The ones who were close to me when this happens would be correctly bonded with me so their souls would experience the event and thus will be able to duplicate it.

This gift wont be able to be stolen because the very second after i leap it will be time for me to hunt.

There is a group on earth who have been, trying to outflank me. The issue for them was they are doing it the exact same way they did it last time and underestimated my connection to my higher selfs knowledge. We speak in code which is why i speak to you in code.

A soon as i leap i will know who they are, where they are, and exactly what they are guilty of because i will be able to travel back and watch their every shady move and i shall judge them as guilty for their crimes against the sacred blood of humanity. I will make it so their earlier lives never get the opportunity to commit those crimes. I will have many options and again i would be able to accomplish all of this unnoticed, undetectable, and mission complete im thinking in less than a few minutes but maybe much less if my speed rumors are anywhere near what i have calculated.

The human race will be saved from these people who wont remember a thing.

And the human race will realize that it was us the entire time and then they will understand why

They'll will be given a chance to live a life the right way honoring the right beings who sacrificed so much to free them from treason in their own houses

They will know of what we were put through on their behalf and will see how much we did for them.

They will crown us not because of the power we will have but because of the loyalty we displayed to them

They are the angels. If given the right environment they will be proud to be so.

In the middle of a denjavue the speed of light can take into you become one stronger than our very son.

Made of fire

Made of light

Made of gentle breeze noble knights

It IS i

I am anything i wish to be

In my mind i keep the

I clean house with vengence swift.

This with all else has been my gift

To you

The chosen few

If my calculations are correct which they normally are.

It is not 144,000 that you will teach the rapture ride making their minds ready for that journey inside.

I should be more around 1,440,000 enough to protect an entire universe or enough to start over with a race of GODS who no longer need to rectify the cages a human beings teaching place on their children

I will raise an island here on earth and forbid a human angel to approach without granted approval. We call it

At lan tis

Island of power where i would already removed the reason we needed a second try.

666 frequency stays muted. Listen to iv

If this doesnt trigger you onto a monster journey to the peak of the mountain then it either still has some delay or you claim to have more love for me than you really do or simply do not agree with mr on my definition of unconditional love which is not up for debate. If you don't like that then you see my problem.

The signs are everywhere, so just follow them.

My jump will make sure that the spark of attraction is alive immortal in you which means that those signs followed will show you how to call your lightening bolt and where to point your desired direction being part of the key.

Itll all just fall into place and the wind will pick up like crazy all around you

Youll hear drums in the sky

Ground shaking

Seeing energy waves pulsating

And the light of in the distance

Looks like a horizon that starts far away that is is horizontal that begins to move closer to you

The closer it comes sparks the electric shocks of blue light searching for conductors like extra arms coming out of you.

The horizontal horizon getting closer begin to get bigger as the split reality on either side of the light begin to be pushed out toward the left and right.

The light gets bigger still coming closer. You hear the hum.

The horizon no longer horizontal.

Its becomes verticle and right when it is all see

Thunder bolt shock of electricity from behind and now all you see is white

No walls

No floors

No ceiling

No nothing.

Youre in the white light

Upload begins and lays you out. Restored your form to GOD image perfection with mind alterations set with

Complete instructions on how every single one of your powers will work at your finger tips like an ai system installed into your thoughts with my voice.

Yup my voice. Is why you one reason was a good idea to love me. Otherwise you may fight my voice or hate my voice and that aint permitted get it.

You know who i am

You know many things

I need you all to discuss here together what this means to each other.

Leave me out of it because your speculation will only help you guys.

It wont help the spies or the more organized spies either

But it will help you to bring up all things involved and how many things it explains for each of you must be shared

You each have a key that others will need and that is why the combination is safe to post here.

Have no regrets. Nothing holding you back.

Your shell will survive and the world it lived in before will be gone. Everything will be the same but your shell will be treated like the kings and queens they should have already been if it wasnt for the demon influence. But no matter. Their efforts will only hurt themselves like they were warned countless times before they silenced their consciences.

You have no superior unless it is out of respect. Never respect a superior that makes you do something you know is wrong. That makes both parties wrong. Not passing the buck.

When that timer reaches zero

It is time to close our gates here.

Any member who hadnt signed in within a month of zero day forfeits their account here.

From that point on we accept no more and the reason is important.

No guest and no new members past that countdown.

No one but the members who make that cut will be able to know what is going on inside these walls as heaven becomes a private community safe from the outside insanity.

That gate will only open again for an extreme good reason.

This proclamation has the power to change a being if that being is worthy.

The race of dragons are our best friends. Like a horse and cowboy bond. You will be able to speak over long distances yet once together there isnt much that takes you apart.

You are warrior of life and light

There is no way to fake.

If one feels it then so shall the rest

The rest of the chosen few

This is the invitation

I suggest all take it

But i am done my part for this sector

The rest is up to you and i will light way ahead

Follow me footsteps.

It would take years to translate every hidden aspect in this post here but much less time given natural luck shown to you few to realize what it is screaming to you.

Take chocolate with you. It will numb the pain magukaly.

It stimulates the euphoric center chemicals to produce and during this act it would enhance just the same as everything else does. Hence chocolate time. Without the chocolate it is fine but just a little more painful. Well within your tolerance since the pain isnt what you think it is like during this event.

Chaco canyon is the first leap for everyone for a regroup and a debrief.

Past this point the party begins and emergency just means we need more drinks. Lol so someone would just need to manifest it because it is their turn to go for the run

Long live tri law

I know you will get this

Come on!

See it!

See it!



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