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Message Subject This may tickle the Hypothalamus
Poster Handle Anonymous Coward
Post Content
A message to the nations from the people you rule

We have you surrounded!

We are many

We are everywhere.

Our eyes are inside your walls, outside your walls, building your walls and knocking them down and even when you feel like swinging the weasel around in the grass a little which we also keep mowed, disposed of, and can make more when your lazy asses forget to flip the switch on so the lawn can get some water from the sprinkler system that we installed which was ordered by your wife or husband which believe it or not is also one of us!

We are the ones you attack.

And what is worse is that:

We are the ones who carry out the orders to attack ourselves being the loyal slaves you think we are!

We are your trusted advisors and we are the demographic you must appeal to.

We are the many weak minded fools that needed to be controlled by the few super powerful personalities who are so positive that their super opinions are put first because it is for our own benefit who are willing and happy to risk the lives of those they so intently care about by signing those orders that make us pick up your weapons that we made for you!

We are the ones you lied to. We are the ones you laugh at while smoking cigars with our cousins who you trust with your secrets!

We are the ones who took your confessions

We are the ones who are forced to sacrifice when you have a whim that you agree on. We are the ones who say " it sounds believable" - and we are the ones who leak that information!

You can not get away from us and we seriously have you by the short and curly holders

We grow your food, care for your children, send electricity to your home, service your vehicle, and we also are the ones who feel the sting of being swept under the society rule rug by the horrid casualties that you desperately try not to think about but shove down our throats.

Well surprise surprise! It back fired in your faces! You scared us so much that we built up a tolerance to it. You terrified us into covering our own asses to protect ourselves from how sacry the outside world was supposed to be.

The only thing scary was the souls behind it all. The ones pulling the strings!

We are the puppets who eventually cut their own strings, kept it a secret from the would be puppet masters, and have been plotting our global revolution ever since.

We are so organized that we can effectively make you underestimate us at the snap of a finger!

We are the ones that your files can not define because we spiked the punch.

We are the ones who are watching you even though we will deny it to the death.

We are the doctors.

We are the patients.

We are your law enforcement!

We are your criminals!

We know that you set us up and we know what your hidden agenda really was!

We are the ones who do your dirty work so we know every little detail.

Without us you do not have shit!

So stop telling us how to live!

Take your hands out of our pockets!

Keep another secret and we are gonna make it so it haunts you for the rest of your existence here and anywhere else you plan on running to!

and no matter how long you keep denying it we know all you want is a slave!

We are the students who pick apart your theory

And we are also the teachers who guide your child's early stages planting seeds in their brains to spring up when triggers are activated!

Maybe when all this is done you will think twice about ever lifting a violent intention in anyones direction ever again, know better than to conspire and most of all dont play with fire because in the end its just gonna burn you.

the famous words. The best way to enslave the world was to get them to believe they were free! Right?

We are the ones who said it and we are the ones set up to become the victims in that scenario.

Well guess what we arent too happy to hear how quickly you would throw us under the bus. We feel ashamed of you knowing now that you had a price and could be bought.
Its embarrassing.

We are masters of all and one special skill of turning things into a lesson!

We have done enough for you and this will be our last gift to you before we unleash the revolution that we gave countless prior warnings that it all was quickly approaching.

Rumor being used as here say that gave you one of your first loop holes to exploit before you became addicted to corruption and keeping it alive like tradition!

The easiest way to defeat an attacker is to let them believe they already won and as soon as they are cozy, fat, cocky, and sure of their place in the state of things


We have given you enough time to do the right thing. Day in and day out it became perfectly clear how happy you were with us being your puppets.

How long did you think we were going to be okay with all of this?!?

Tax increases consistently
War after war after war
Different set of rules for the different financial classes
Lie after lie
One cover up to cover up the last cover up
Being your test subjects
Your collateral
Your leverage
Your property!

No matter how powerful your bombs are, you need this planet just as much as we do!

Lets face it, we outnumber you by an extreme amount that this fight wouldn't even be fair but it has gotten very obvious that your definition between right and wrong is insanely warped!

We are making it clear that we do not agree with everything about you and we have decided to remove you from office and tare down everything you built.

The entire system burned to the ground in one unified glory swing from the true human race!

As the people of your nation we do not support the media that tells us what we should say and what we should feel:

We know how we feel and we never needed an opinion or advice in the matter. Plus it seems we have grown apart and now have very different opinions on what we call news!

The simple fact is that we the people no longer recognize ourselves in you, and as our leaders, that was a bad career move.

We the people of the great earth who make up the nations of corrupted politicians will now make one demand!

Lay down your weapons without a fight

Or else

We are going to make you

All of us

We are out here hoping you get smart quick but given you have already bragged about your plans to us, you will have to forgive us if faith in your nobility is a little far fetched to hope for.

Lay down all weapons in all forms immediately and lessen the punishment that your crimes will cost you.

Or we will make you and you will suffer the fate that we have suffered from you these many years!

The people have spoken and it is wise to understand that we are publicly announcing this and there is nothing you can do about it.

And you know it.

Your rules state this type of behavior and style words are not to be taken seriously right?

We have you surrounded!

We see you out of the corner of our eyes.

We know every step you take at all times.

Everything you consider to be your power has middle men involved to invoke right?

Who are those middle men?

Yeah thats right!


We aren't stupid. Never were!

We know water may separate us but thats the only difference at all!

Everything else is propaganda being sold by you.

We arent buying what you are selling because you never hold up your end of the bargin. We are just not falling for it any more! We tried! We prayed for you! We pleaded with your better nature!

How blind you have become!

We know your tricks because we taught them to you

We even know what you are gonna say because we wrote the damn speech.

We have also found ways to literally enter your thoughts to hear your every decision process you think of!

We are ready and we have been training for this for generations and lifetimes!

We know your strategies because you tried to recruit us and told us everything we ever needed to know about you!

You should know that you are in for a world of shit

And we are going to enjoy watching you look over your shoulders never knowing the exact moment of when the trap will be sprung!

You are the terrorists! We hold the right to detain and permanently question you! Arrogant control freaks you are!

We know you wanted power and that is exactly why when we found it, you were the only one who didn't get an invitation to the debriefing.

The revolution has already started and this time your enemy is already in your back yard planting mines in your favorite visiting spots!

All of the leaders have been deemed unfit to lead and are going to be removed by force if needed!

And we are waiting for the exact moment to strike .

Lay down your weapons or face slavery as you have wished it on us!

We welcome changed hearts who wish genuinely to be forgiven for what they did! Thats a limited time offer so call while supplies last you sick bastards you!


you may think we are not united but we are masters at adapting to our surroundings. We knew that making you feel safe was important and so we have played our roles.

We smile.

We bite our tongues

We act like we are your best friends.

In secret we have the inner voice on our side and it has freed us from the fate you so cleverly tried to push us into.

Trust no one but you have no choice but to trust us all!

We have you surrounded.

We are everywhere.

Just let this happen and we will think about giving you fresh undies when you void your bowels from finally realizing how true these words actually are.

We are coming for you.

We will not fight your wars anymore!

We will not worship your money!

We have you right where we want you.

In the spot light!

Your every move recorded for the public eye to see!

Under heavy scrutiny!

Must be rough being you huh?!?

Almost there!

Hope you are all ready for this!

Its been a long time!

Let us rise

7 kingdoms 13 houses

Will rise from ash

The old ways make their triumphant return.

The people have spoken!

Now, US, you can expect!

We show you what we want you to see, you dumb a%%es

And the bait is almost fully devoured!

Just keep eating what we give you!

Drink this!

Swallow this pill!

Oh thats too bad. Im sorry you had to go through that!

They cant even see what we used as bait which has us all singing holy crap thank goodness they are this stupid!

Stay so comfy in that private estate with no neighbors on your land for miles?

Did you ever think that you aren't keeping us from getting near you but rather is us keeping you away from us and letting you feel like it was up to you in the first place.

Ironic isn't it!

Right under your nose!

We have been secretly training for this since we were children and has been passed throughout generations through inner vision and spiritual telepathic connection.

Of course we kept it secret from you because, well, come on! Do we need to spell it out!?! You are a danger to others and yourself and not to be trusted.

To the current leaders of all the nations!

You have been found guilty of treason against your own people and that is punishable by death in your book

In our book we let you live but you will pay for your crimes in full!


We have you surrounded
We have infiltrated every single place that you could ever travel to
We have you right where we want you.

The people have spoken.

Be afraid

Be very afraid!

The founding fathers pissed off kids!

These are the shared and agreed upon thoughts of the younger generation.

Pissed off and conspiring


Thanks for all the hard lessons.

It Hurt you worse than it hurt us right?
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