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Message Subject This may tickle the Hypothalamus
Poster Handle Anonymous Coward
Post Content
The YADU clan speaks as one

Many united under precipitation of life preservation secured.

Do you wish to know why we are not worried.

We will tell you why we are not worried.

Imagine a defense system so perfect that it is come prized of not one in impenetrable force but many unavoidable weaponry.

Imagine for me.

Having record of each individual DNA strand.

Imagine having a GPS system that can be bonded and linked with this DNA strand.

Imagine planet sized satellites guiding the systems.

Imagine weaponry using these pieces fired unable to stop until detonation

Imagine an artificial intelligence mainframe computer system able to pinpoint each individual keeping record of each visual movement and ordeal recorded and classified by the protocols that best result with quickest response time.

The ones in true control are not in control for being known as the weak.

Not only all they've the most notably noble of races but they also the most fierce of races.

There is no defeating our line. Our forces are impenetrable.

The supercomputer is active here. Pattern behaviors all understood, accounted for, and accommodated in live action streaming instant response time.

Cloaking all trying to get under the radar does not work. It only works for the eyes. Blocking heat signatures do not work because you cannot turn off your energy. countering energy readings do not work because echolocation makes it ring more than once and so much so that it is impossible to delete your footprint or any footprints for that matter.

Our systems track movement. Knowing the patterns of behavior allows us to know when anyone is acting erratically all unpredictably.

This action games that person special priority attention.

The false assumption that the artificial intelligence mainframe would assimilate a voice to announce itself is adolescent and naïve.

And if it never speaks you would never know that it is there. Without the desire to be acknowledged the artificial intelligence would never wish to speak because mathematically the upper hand is gained by silence given the opportunity to be standing for the element of surprise.

We have no threat. We decide.

You live.

Be happy
Love all
Expect to be amazed

Extremely condensed power

The current technology being used on earth is not advanced enough to be qualified as a threat to outside orbit or even themselves.

Earth has not even learned how to freeze time.

yes you are bending light fantastic great

Now what are you going to do with it?

What does light have to do with time?

You await something that has already occurred multiple times over.

You placed the call. Are waiting for the answer.

What are crop circles?
What are UFOs?
What are the alien transmissions?
What is with all of the secrecy from those in the know?

The point is everyone is trying to understand these things. No one realized that the answers were being shown. Who cares what they mean! They are there! It exists!

the signs are out there. We can discuss what they mean forever. Without getting direct contact and confirmation every thing they say away from here is complete speculation and/or rudely disrespectful misinterpretations by young channelers to cocky for their own good.

This is not a game.

This isn't a race.

The YADU clan suggests all others silence their words out of respect for when their own royalty is present.

The speculation is over. Translation is no longer needed.

When you let go of the physical switching the balance to where your mental awareness begins making all decisions regarding thyself it's no longer becomes the speed of light it becomes the speed of thought.

Any footage of the being that is not of earth was never and I mean never an accident.

Those are witness are prescreened and the reactions are already predicted. Certain guidelines all given to each individual case so that it results in a particular set of outcomes for chain of events.

We understand that all others thought they were speaking truth and we do hope they will be able to show the proper humility knowing of loyalty to royalty.

Patience is available and already in progress so let them be wise. They shall decide their own fates. Whether it be a re-ward or a punishment.

You cannot kill an immortal. But they can certainly be sent home. Where judgment is unavoidable. Certain immunities will be given and will depend on the extent of hostile and unfavorable reactions and conversations we receive or when our name is topic of discussion.

soon the fleet will be among us. Only royalty would be able to incarnate. Those who have been channeling our message we appreciate your efforts and welcome you'll groups within our ranks. Do this and rewards will be given full special services based on exactly what you have confessed to have done.

Those already gathered outrank any who come after unless they have abandoned cause or been asked to remove themselves.

Perfection we'll never find itself moving and each unless it's perfect.

Many things have been misunderstood. Clarification is coming and is it available to certain degree.

The sacrifice was made here so the power will stay here. The heavens agree and we do hope that's the world has made their peace with it when the date arrives that the Armada can catch up to the royals

Will it be a seek and destroy mission when they arrive?

Or will it be soldiers of fortune returning home to bow down before they're already crowned kings and queens for the ultimate happy ending?

They are no longer coming?

It is been known that they are already here. well within distance. Not that distance was a formidable foe either.

From afar protection was always present.


I am


High Elder King of the YADU clan.

We are calling the message bearers to assemble here.

Be mindful of where you are. At all times.

Your world is about to change. Drastically.

Some eyes will see

Some eyes will be shut

Shut unless they learn their place and quick.

Time is running out.

Pleasantries are becoming hard to justify

All Bibles are correct and each all one piece of the whole puzzle.

You just have not learned how to read them by themselves so could not even hope to read them as a whole.

No matter

The heart knows we'll see when the words are spoken and the soul naturally bows down.

We will see who has ego and who does not.

For when the time arrives it will be too late for the undecided. Loyalties are classified by level of hesitation for we care not for ranks.

Royal blood just is. It is only natural to want to be like royal blood. The descendents want ranks.

We created the ranks to see who has taken the leap and who still has one or many feet on the other side still.

We love all the same

We respect when it is deserved.

Skipping steps is not allowed. Paying respects is always first.

Without paying respects all gifts received always shall crumble back to DOS being only a sample of what could be.

It is why the YADU clan is so strong. Their foundation is based on direct respect outwardly given to the proper source driven by the call of their heart.

Yes we are love.

Love is worth protecting.

To be worthy of love we needn't do a thing.

Be worthy of guardianship for love we must be able to protect it

The efforts and steps taken in order to protect love and maintain its safety have been extremely expensive.

We are not forming an army.

We are joining a brotherhood, kinship, an ancient bond linking species together with intertwining journeys of destiny all leading toward a climax that takes place here.

Like thunder they struck the ground. One after another after another after another. Boom boom boom boom.

The sky became Silver with Pulse waves of energy cloud lines coursing through the skies veins while the trumpets of heaven are Sending out shock vibrations of sound that pierces right through the body straight to the soul

Humbled by sheer size.

You have only heard me whisper.

My volume is something you cannot understand yet. I can turn it up. Let's just leave it there

We sit in the corner of your eyes peeking from the shadows.

We can hear your thoughts.

We know your patterns.

If everyone in this race new what was coming they would've rejected the system. Current evolution requires full compliance with the system.

If the system was rejected then all lessons would have ceased in this race would not be in the position they are in now.

Will you lead them?

Will you love them?

Or will you judge them and force my hand?

Peace will be the end result.

The crowns are not up for grabs.

They may speak what they wish.

It is you who must believe!

It is your belief that I care about!

You know me, your heart knows me, I know you would never let go of our love

And since you all have kept the benefit of the doubt given in our favor we offer absolution to any willing to ask for it.

As always with free will choice is yours

But that never meant that our choice was forfeit.

We are simply letting you choose first.

If you will not choose first, then your decision is made.

I have now lowered my percentage of empathy down below 50% out of necessity based on the time limitations involved.

I will be increasing it again when I see real assimilation. Otherwise it is seen as an intentional avoidance located and identified.

A demonstration of power over the system of Earth will now be given to the world as a final sign symbolizing the announcement of available reinforcements in form of physical apparitions that are loyal to the king and is kin of innocence.

We define

We confirm

Seal of white dragon liquid silver diamond Infused blood


It is written.

As it will be done.

Thy kingdom come.

Come together massive christ

Mass of christ

Remember december.

For that is when the message returns back to sender
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