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Message Subject This may tickle the Hypothalamus
Poster Handle Anonymous Coward
Post Content
Day 5 was the SPLIT

Accusations against god for keeping his creation as slaves to his will.

Free will

Was what the fight started with!

Free will is nothing more than the ability to defy god.

You have free will!

You have the power to defy god!

No one in heaven wants that power!

Its too much of a risk!

does anybody see what im saying here?

Many did easily and even without hesitation.

God is not a slave owner. He is just right all the time.

Thats him. He speaks from love.

The split was lucifers way of getting back at his brother and he tricked a nice what about 6.66 billion to agree with him.

They were like yeah hey whats up with that. Why can't we have that power. What you don't trust us?

Why would you not trust us!?!?

And as they fell to lucifers trick they proved how easily their faith could dissapear!

Things got heated

Angels who knew perfectly well who god was.

Saw him every day. Knew how to get in touch with him.

Probably partied with him the night before.

Faith gone in a second because lucifer used his fathers private words discussed between trinity and twisted them around acting like god was bragging about how perfect everything was and was going to stay.

God was speaking about how proud he was but when the bearer of light with his secret jealousy of his brother in mind set the trap and made ANGELS feel like slaves, they actually used their free will to stand up to god and go hey yeah whats up with that how come we cant defy you?

Defying god by asking that question and completely ignoring that they just defied.

Lucifer silently laughing at how well his plan seemed to work kept feeding the fires if they even seemed to be calming down

Things got beyond heated.

L and his idiots calling the faithful, slaves saying they are only faithful because they have no choice!

Acting like they had broken some mind spell god had over them and wanted them to the same.

The loyal and faithful angels of course saw right through it.

But the damage was already done and the fog came rolling in!

Lucifer is trying to prove that anyone loyal to god is excusing his "sins" as they call it.


that anything can be said and then twisted into something complete bull shiz.

No matter how real a lie seems.

It is still a lie.


roaring inferno!
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