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Message Subject This may tickle the Hypothalamus
Poster Handle Anonymous Coward
Post Content
It is your same lack of perspective that permits you to deny what your actions are involved in!

You are being used by a demon and i can see you are trying to over power it!

You can win and take back your life!

But only if you want to!

You have a nasty demon and are backed by the most demons who rather you know as little as suspicion!

Wake up child! The time is now! You 2 can come home.

But ya gotta expell your own demon! Its your choice to rise and come back into the light!

You are lucky that age of lifetime you live in. Those before you didnt have it so easy as to have big bad iv on the job!

I only come and get involved when the finale is present!

If you choose that demon then you have made that choice.

The only way that demon can continue is if you allow it!

The power you have is to expell it every time.

They are aware the moment that this point is!

That os why they pushing so hard!

You have to push back harder!

I know you can and i will never agree with anything different.


The light is better and you want be there!

I know you do!

You got to be willing to tell yourself that everytime a demon tries.

If they are willing to try then you must be willin to expell!

heaven is worth it

Know thyself

Know where you are
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