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Message Subject This may tickle the Hypothalamus
Poster Handle Anonymous Coward
Post Content
Come all yee faithful joyful and triumphant!

Instead i got

Begging for me to arrive and not even recognizing my words that have haunted your hearts in your dreams

Welcome me and let us begin

We have much work to do!

Prove to me

Prove to them

Prove to everyone

The power of the light

With iv by your side

Dont look to the left

Dont look to the right

Look straight ahead and hit the gas!

Come forward and speak from this mountain!

The words shall enter the system like lightning!

You are on holy ground

Make perfect use of it

Step up

They way is open

Day 3 active

What say thee

And would thee stop the light once it began to shine?

Show me love

I know you are out there wondering "is he talking to me"

The answer is who else?

There is only us!

The rest are about to go bye bye

You want to be part of the "rest"

Or "us"

doing nothing is not what we do

Letting the few do what you must be doing is allowing the few to suffer for you!

Because of that one single choice to permit it!

Your eyes have seen

You ears have heard

Your conscious knows

You are fully aware!

This is the point.

I was never interested in playing a game

But thats all i see in this world

A bunch of gamers gaming!

You have to care again!

You are part of this and you have power beyond your wildest imaginations waiting for you when the majority rules with nobility once again!




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