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Message Subject This may tickle the Hypothalamus
Poster Handle Anonymous Coward
Post Content
I am yadu but you can also call me noah if ya wish

For i shall turn earth into a boat and teach everyone how to "fish"

Human life is no longer the smartest of all on earth

The animals are rewaking.

Narnia style communication is presently returning.

Even the plant life is being gifted with their consciousness so don't be surprised if trees start saying hello to you! Hahahaha. Hilarious but so awesomely true!

I will be giving all their final puzzle pieces to waking.

Some need a single piece

Some need a special series of pieces

Some need a reformatting

Some just need an instinct trigger

Their vote will be included and make us legion!

We have life surrounded my loves.

In plain sight

They had
no idea

It was possible

To unite those they thought beneath them in evolutionary crutch

Iv know

I know animal kingdom well

They are very opinionated

Very proud

Took a vow of silence to teach depth of noble body language to survive

That vow followed by a return to yours truly

We shall be the victory in the end from the patience of an inspired GOD with a huge family! And i mean huge huge huge.
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