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Message Subject This may tickle the Hypothalamus
Poster Handle Anonymous Coward
Post Content
When the last energy climax was reached it wiped out some records I am assured you would understand.

The ancient ancestors here had to wait and reach up just like the new generations had to do the same in order to understand what had actually happened to them since the mystery remains in pieces.

It was one thing.

That gave them their power that lead into the stars like lightning bolts of power blasting ever lasting soaring higher. Leaving the rest in the


Picking up the pieces.

They knew one thing

And this is =

You are made out of the number 3

and you can connect to other 3s.

It is simple math that produces magic like within the palm of your hand.

When they join as one.

Everyone is on the same journey.

That journey is

UP in groups of three

You are a 3 because

You have a




I write this with lower self near the middle self because it is accurate.

I am going to free you now from the common misconception of fairy tales not being at times very accurate as well..
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