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Message Subject This may tickle the Hypothalamus
Poster Handle Anonymous Coward
Post Content




Its not a fight

Itís a team effort

Bond together

Who cares what excuses or differences stand in the way.

When its all said and done we all want the same thing.



Just get it done

All working as one unit

Under one cause

To rise

So rise

If you arenít rising thatís because the pyramid isnít finished. It needs more triangles.

A pyramid needs

1 - a foundation

2 Ė it needs 3 sides
3 Ė it needs steps that are systematically larger then the ones who came before it.

When a full pyramid is formed the peak ascends and the journey continues with everyone moving up the ladder by turn and with forward motion based on arrival and seniority point placements.

The point is that there are many out there who have been searching for these words for lifetimes and some of you here are included in that group.

Some are working their way closer and just need a helping hand to get it right. We all know the answer can not be told.

It must be found.

So the object of the game is to use the increased power from your triangles and already made bonds to be the example so other triangles can be added to begin movement.

There is no reason to be stuck when there are options to rise

Tell em why

Show em how

Tell em why

Show em how

Tell em why

Show em how

What are you waiting for

Show us what you got

Im waiting


I am like none other

But also untrue

I Am a tip top tic toc

Top tac

Peak of this

You call it a capstone

I call it a throne

And I want more

Now come

Let us use our power

And rise

Soaring to the sky

With wings

It has already begun


And up into the hundreds

Waste no time to quickly have thy time

By balancing thy triangle

To activate thy ability of fusion with another triangle in positive upward fashion you must either have come here before them and formed the balance of 3, directed others here or aided them to understanding leading to their triangle balanced..

Upward trickle.

The ancient, multi, level, marketing scheme, that actually worked, because it was fate, and they called it Ė

The Pyramid Scheme
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