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Message Subject This may tickle the Hypothalamus
Poster Handle Anonymous Coward
Post Content
Please allow me to make up for the time this virus has had me beat. Still recovering here so take this as a gift and a reminder that i miss you and cant wait until im awwww betta

A message to all creators near and far. Use this well, it will produce water. Those who look to the future will will save their bucket. They will keep their bucket intact and upgrade maximum capacity for maximum potential.

Applying what we have been taught from our pasts we look unto the future and see nothing but pleasant surprises leading to amazing options as creators learning on the job training.



The following is a delicacy


Savor every bit of this

If we control our own future and our own destiny with the thoughts that we have then The emotions that we put out and display are what is used To determine what we are expecting or at least the flavor.

As a creator our power is predominately focusing on ourselves. What we see and what we feel and what we experience is what that power is being used for.

To be unaware of this means that's what you are asking for is not being specific So how it manifests cannot be specific.

In other words your emotions are being translated thusly.

If you are sad then you must be expecting a sad future.

If you are disappointed then you must be expecting a disappointing future.

This is how birth and the universe see it.

That is their point of view their perspective. Putting ourselves in those particular set of shoes enables us to see how we are seen.

If we are stuck in our past then we are not looking toward the future and That tends to leave the future neglected.

With a power like we have One would think That our past no matter how it read must be spectacular Because it is as if we create the future blindfolded while we review and critique the past Living on the edge Of three worlds at one time flawlessly.


If you are looking at the past then you are doubting your control over the future and the present.

It is as if we are living life looking over our shoulders.

Wondering why we see no reflection in the mirror?

The fact stands that muscle can not form by standing still and one can not learn phenomenal facts without picking up a few mountains so we can look underneath and take a peak.

So think of things like this and you will be amazed at how quickly pleasant surprises begin knocking your door down:

Say this to yourselves:

"If I am looking in the past Trying to locate where my pain comes from Then I am holding a grudge Against myself.

If at first i don't succeed i try and try again.

I wouldn't wish pain on anyone especially myself And I thank goodness For shining it's silver lightning Every time I thought I fell was a personality check To keep me in-line So that in the future when the time became the time I would know exactly what was on my mind. "

The past has taught us many things.

Actually it taught us everything.

Including love.

And the lengths one should be willing to go to defend what is right until that power is totally unified.

And properly directed.

If one wakes up unhappy before the new day even starts then one is either with low expectations of the future or is licking a wound from the past.

An emotional scar that ironiclly made us who we are.

We rise above our afflictions to step out of despair by taking back control of the future.

Our own futures!



a direct descendant of the living God.

Power runs through your veins but you are being chained with a vanity spell!

It is made to use your nobility against you.

You can beat this. Vanity real or not i personally don't give a crap about that word. I care about what it does to us when the spell is triggered. It forces a submission from us. A bow.
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