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Earth Changes News "Urgent Call"- UPDATED

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United States
02/01/2006 05:00 PM
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Earth Changes News "Urgent Call"- UPDATED
UPATED 022/03/06

Follow-up On Carlos Barrios Message

by Mitch Battros – ECM

In a follow-up conversation earlier today with Carlos Barrios, Mayan high priest elder, I was told their greatest concern, meaning the gathering of Mayan elders counsel, is to “Watch for water”. I asked if this is something
urgent that needs to be expressed tonight. Carlos said it is not something that will unfold in the next 24 hours, but to watch for events in the coming weeks. Carlos did mention “watch the Atlantic”. I thought this odd since the
most likely event of a tsunami would be in the Pacific. But perhaps it is not a tsunami, and may have more to do with the record rain fall.

I will have Carlos on the show along with his elder Manuel Mendosa, of the ‘Clan-de-Aguila’ (The Eagle Clan) Mayan Ajq?ij, Antigua, Guatemala. For those that tuned-in to the show on October 2005 when Manuel Mendosa spoke to
us in his native tounge, already know the power of this man. With both Carlos and his elder Manuel speaking to us from their heart, and hearing first hand from our Mayan elders themselves on what they, and the gathering
of counsel have to say, is truly a blessing. But I warn you, it can sometimes be disturbing.

I have booked Carlos and Manuel for Thursday February 9th. We will hear from them directly as to coming events...

Previous Post: (02/01/03)

Just received this "urgent" update from Mitch Battros' Newsletter:

February 1st 2006
Received Urgent Call From Carlos Barrios
by Mitch Battros – Earth Changes Media

I just received a phone call from Carlos Barrios, high priest Mayan elder. Again, he did not go into details at this time, but will do so later today. All I know it has something to do with “escalation”.

Carlos asked me if I would be willing to host his mentor. You might remember in our October 13th interview, Carlos introduced us to “his” Mayan elder who spoke to us in his native tongue. It was so power I received numerous emails from listeners telling of the tears flowing down their face…and this includes me. But how can this be since he spoke in his native Mayan tongue? I would have to say because it is “the language of the heart”. This does not need the understanding of the spoke word. I tell you this with a level of authority having traveled the world. On several occasions when communicating with local tribes, neither one of us knew the others language, but it seems we “felt” the others words.

I will write later tonight with further details outlining what Carlos Barrios wishes to disclose. I will have the name and tribe of “his” elder. And yes, I will have them both on the show asap. Depending on the urgency, I will wipe my schedule clean to bring them on. Otherwise I promise I will have them on no later than next week...

User ID: 65892
02/01/2006 05:01 PM
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Re: Earth Changes News "Urgent Call"- UPDATED

itchy M
User ID: 25768
United States
02/01/2006 05:06 PM
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Re: Earth Changes News "Urgent Call"- UPDATED
Keep us updated.
gorgeous george

User ID: 68781
United Kingdom
02/01/2006 07:13 PM
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Re: Earth Changes News "Urgent Call"- UPDATED
Anything happening yet?

User ID: 68128
United States
02/01/2006 07:54 PM

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Re: Earth Changes News "Urgent Call"- UPDATED

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