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Can't wake up!

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User ID: 148243
United States
11/28/2012 11:31 PM
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Can't wake up!
Late at night I lay
I listen to the music play
As I write poems
I think of those with no homes
How much it must hurt
And how I feel like dirt
This is cause I can't be there
And clothe the bare
God forgive my selfishness
And give me happiness
Happiness I may share
Oh how I dare
I dare to take on the world for it's all
And to protect and help all

Forever Alone?

Tears run from my eyes
I think of all the good byes
I'm trapt in my own world all alone
Every chance thrown
I'm alone possibly forever
To find my true love maybe never
This is a great fear
Will he ever be near
He haunts me in my dreams
But yet he is everywhere it seems
Am I to be alone?
Or will the road be shone?
Even though I dont know
If ever his face god will show
I cry late at night
Its an endless fight
Its as if he's been with me before
have I just shut the door?
Its as if I miss him
even though I cant recall meeting him

Longing for Home

As I try to nestle down in my chair
I start to go into a blank stare
I think,
"Is there anyone next to my kin out there?"
I nuzzle my blanket as I grab a nosh
I'm filled with nostalgia for my nook
Maybe I can find it in a book
I'm always nomadic and a nonresident
A oasis far far away is what I reach for
I just can't find the door
It feels so nigh
But where does it lie?
I tell my self,
"I just want to go home"
But truley where is home?
It feels as if I was once there
Even feels as if it was something that I did share.

Poem of All Times

Once there was a young child
She was not at all wild
Though in her, There were
Many things, Like wings
Flying and dieing
For all knew her to be shy
And life she could not deny
She sang this song, It was so truly long
It went on and on... It had no end
It was like a message she had to send
To the world, Yes the dark world
IT was called earth, What was it worth?
Her song was worth all lives
The theme was pointed out like points of knives
Out and seen, For every human being
This may end, But it has a point to send
For I am me, I am free, We are we
That's all we've got to be, Now you may see

User ID: 12634191
11/28/2012 11:39 PM
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Re: Can't wake up!
srsly...know that feel bro...tx for the tread!
just wandering on the web
Phiea (OP)

User ID: 148243
United States
12/01/2012 12:48 AM
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Re: Can't wake up!
Thanks for the reply!