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Message Subject NOW! 3pm EST!!: Palestinian bid is up to voting! 3 Links to Live Broadcast inside
Poster Handle Anonymous Coward
Post Content
Israhell can't annex the W/B...it means the apartheid wall has to be torn down: and give the "terrorist Palestinians" using Israhell description citizenship. What will happen is a phony agreement of statehood for the Palestinians leaving Israhell with the keys of ports of entry into the W/B.

If anything this will be a symbolic gesture by the anti-christ, to form a fake union with the Arabs, in order to begin building the third-temple.
 Quoting: Anonymous Coward 1554135

The way shills & cluless fan-boyz mistakenly throw around the word "Apartheid".....has become the new Godwin's Law. It absolutely kills their credibility or any possiblity of a constructive discussion. Just like the gratuitous use of the word "raciss" by the PC provocateurs, has not only made mockery of REAL victims of racism in the past, but it has rendered the word pretty meaningless. Such fools.

And yes, Israel CAN annex West Bank --- all it needs to do is annex the so-called "Area C" and most of "Area B" --> which comprise 75% of West Bank but aere almost exclusively populated by Jews.... and Palestinians are left with only "Area A" which is 95% Arab as it is.

In other words, there is NO apartheid -- just ask the 1.5 million Israel-Arabs who not only receive full rights in Israel but who also don't have to serve in the Israel Army if they don't want to (unlike Jewish Israelis for whom it's mandatory).
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