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Message Subject NOW! 3pm EST!!: Palestinian bid is up to voting! 3 Links to Live Broadcast inside
Poster Handle Anonymous Coward
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I am a bit perplexed in all of this. If this goes through, then it would seem to impede the 'powers that be' in their attempt to use this conflict to their own ends. What I mean is that, this never-ending scenario has always been the prelude and crux to every 'terrorist' illusion (psy-op) or not, in the the war against 'it'.

Overthrowing Islamic governments and peoples in order to install one's own, who will accommodate such 'ends' seems to be part of the path to this endgame. If this goes through, how will they still conclude their power-grab and how will it continue in this Iran vs Israel agenda if there is this 'peace and security'?

Iran seems to be the entree on the menu at present (wmds scenario), so what do the members see happening if Palestine is allowed into the UN? How can Israel still be the target of Iranian wrath, if it agrees with this 'peace' solution? Or will they?

Do we see this as just a mere 'paper' contract, swirled within the smoke and mirrors to which Israel will not contend with, escalating into a major war?

Or is this just a part of that 'plan' in that everyone knows they will not contend with it and this is the planned instigation to that 'war'? Or will there be no more war and peace on earth will reign, as the utopian, new agers believe?

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