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Message Subject NOW! 3pm EST!!: Palestinian bid is up to voting! 3 Links to Live Broadcast inside
Poster Handle Anonymous Coward
Post Content
I know many races by their facial expression and body language. Mel Gibson IS an Australian Jewish bloodline.

Pretty hilarious when he attack his own brother and sister. Not all Jewish were rich and against Jesus. There were many poor jewish who love and worship Jesus in that days.

After that they had successfully converted many innocents jewish to not believe in Jesus and they lied about Yeshua (Jesus in jewish language) as the biggest fraud and a charlation.

They are the Pharisee and they are the scribes of hypocrites and they had tainted the holy zion and are the at top with the venetian connection inside the Vatican EVEN TO THIS DAY TODAY.

You see, tptb fucked everything up and then reincarnated again and again without remembering what they had done nor remember they had the power beforehand and yet repaying the karmics roundabout over many lifetimes.

Thus this craps needed to be stopped. How on earth can that ever help our procession for a spiritual growth?.

What craps and I do not ever blame God.

We had to make a little effort and we had to put a stop to this crap but that is now too late my firends..

.. This is why the Antichrist is here and he shall be the last and the worse of them all.

See you in my spiritual realm for I am not coming back, but I shall give you good souls a good nudges whenever your about to do wrong or getting into trouble

What the gotta do with the Palestine you asked?, they are the bloodline of Jewish and they are the bloodline of Abraham (Avraham peace be unto him) that had the first son under an Arab maid and his name was Ishmael.

God is great and may those who walked into the path of the lord find everlasting peace.


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