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Message Subject Why Is Space So Cold?
Poster Handle Anonymous Coward
Post Content
space is neither hot or cold, it has no temperature cos it's void. There is no heat conduction or convection, only radiation.

But the truth is, you could jump the ship in space, even butt naked from one capsule to another, maybe 30 feet apart without ill effects ... you will radiate some warmth off but you then just drink hot chocolate afterwards
 Quoting: Anonymous Coward 28764444

Thank you.
Finally a poster, who knows and understands physics.

There is no effing "cold" in space.

Cold and heat are the function of vibration of atoms/molecules. In vacuum (space) there is neither - therefore NO heat or cold. The only heat is possible by the sun's RADIATED heat hitting a solid (or semi-solid) object and IT's molecules heating up.

The biggest problem in space is the getting rid of heat.
Radiation is not particularly efficient, and convection is non-existent.
(Principle of the vacuum bottle's heat retainage function)
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