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Message Subject FREE ENERGY
Poster Handle Anonymous Coward
Post Content
Sorry, but no. It's not free energy.

Getting the fan to rotate requires energy. In this case, the energy comes from the magnetic energy stored in material's aligned magnetic domains. The domains can be created via natural processes or the magnetism can be artificially produced by magnetizing the material in an electromagnetic field. In permanent magnets the domains must also be aligned. Either way, energy must be first put in to magnetize the material (=creating the domains) and that doesn't come free.

Here's more info about the magnetic domains:

[link to www.magnet.fsu.edu]

Furthermore, when the fan rotates, it consumes energy. As a result, the magnetic domains providing the energy for the fan will slowly shrink in size and lose their alignment. Eventually the permanent magnetic properties including extractable energy are lost. It's like a battery running dry, except that here the energy is stored in a magnetic field instead of an electric field like in a normal battery.

Yes, these are called permanent magnets, but permanent does not mean truly permanent. You can dissipate the energy or mix up the alignment of domains in a permanent magnet and thus destroy its permanent magnetism: extract its magnetic energy, heat it up, hit it hard with a hammer or use a demagnetizer, for instance.

Trust me. I'm a career Physicist.
 Quoting: Anonymous Coward 21734520

I have read similar disinformation things like you said, siting the really stupid argument "give it 100 years and it won't work anymore, it isn't free and it's a bad idea."

NO, shut up. If it spins that fan for a year it pays back the cost of the magnets, that means it is free.
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