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Message Subject Humans Who Possess An Extra Vertebrae And Rib?
Poster Handle Anonymous Coward
Post Content
There are many anatomical variations. There's some folks who don't possess a particular muscle. Others have supernumerary bdy parts. Some have developed their heart in different ways as the heart was forming at birth. Others have minor things like a "freckle" which actually is an extra nipple. We are not all the same.

In some cases an anatomist is called in for some surgeries because of these anatomical differences. Of course some people don't form in regular ways and hence die shortly after birth since their formation is not compatible with life.

Some have adaptations (not to bring up all of that since some Christians seem blindsided by theories) in which their muscles are extremely overdeveloped like Liam Hoefstra, the dubbed SuperBoy.

Perhaps these are mutations, or merely they are normal variations in a species. It's more fun to think that some people are Xmen, but it's probably not bourne out by science.
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