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Message Subject BREAKING - Assad pulls the "Kill Switch": Communications Cut, Damascus Burning & Airport Under Fire. Syrian Airspace Cleared
Poster Handle Anonymous Coward
Post Content
I'm pretty sure this has happened already, the US state department has backed the rebels since Day one. even though al-Qaeda back the rebels too...

the rebels continue to use terrorist tactics to overthrow the government and when Assad kills the terrorists western media spins it as civilian deaths.

but hey it's ok for Israel but not Syria right....

Assad has been re-elected since the uprising, by the people of Syria, the 22,000,000 that the media fail to account for on a daily basis, he has given all concessions required or demanded from the Arab uprising.

the FSA failed to put a political party together for a peaceful opposition to Assad, so instead the barely 100,000 strong militia, defectors and terrorists called the FSA (Free Syrian Army) are using violence to overthrow Assad.

imagine if there was a (Free America Army) using elements of al-Qaeda to overthrow Obama, how long would that last...??

anyway, if you read the following thread you will learn that this is all pro-Zionist pro NWO horseshit, pardon the language...

Thread: Conflict Syria - The Real Story - [READ THIS]
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