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Message Subject BREAKING - Assad pulls the "Kill Switch": Communications Cut, Damascus Burning & Airport Under Fire. Syrian Airspace Cleared
Poster Handle Newshunter
Post Content
1359 GMT: BREAKING: According to LBCI News, "Emirates airlines suspends its flights to Damascus until further notice."

To be clear, while some may look at this as a political issue, framing it in a political battle between the Gulf States and Syria, it is likely far more significant - with rumors that the FSA has been attacking Assad positions near the Damascus International Airport off and on for days, it's likely that safety, not politics, is the reason for this disruption in service.

If other airlines follow suit, it could signal that these airlines believe the airport may be a site of a military battle in the following days.

There are more signs that normalcy has been significantly disrupted in Damascus. Despite all the violence, and the sanctions, Damascus has become the business hub of the country, especially since Aleppo has been so heavily disrupted. Today, there are many reports that internet and cell service have been disrupted:

Razan Ghazzawi @RedRazan
Internet is still cut in most areas in Damascus & its suburbs since 12:30 PM today 29-11-2012 #Syria

29 Nov 12

Did the government cut the internet and cell networks? If so, this is a sign that the government is putting the capital into an emergency footing.

[link to www.enduringamerica.com]
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