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Message Subject BREAKING - Assad pulls the "Kill Switch": Communications Cut, Damascus Burning & Airport Under Fire. Syrian Airspace Cleared
Poster Handle Newshunter
Post Content
1315 GMT: NATO is set to make a decision as early as next week as to whether Patriot missiles will be deployed to Turkey's border with Syria. While Patriot missiles alone cannot properly establish a total no-fly zone of even areas in the north of Syria, they have proven effective against aircraft before - because as recently as 2003, they have accidentally been used to shoot down friendly aircraft. For whatever reason, the media keeps dismissing the Patriot missile as purely anti-ballistic weapons technology, despite the fact that they were originally designed to shoot down aircraft.

Regardless, without jet-fighter patrols, even a partial no-fly zone will be somewhat ineffective. However, the real question is that with Patriots deployed to the other side of the border, and with the FSA having proven it can effectively use shoulder-fired anti-aircraft weapons, will this move deter the Syrian airforce from operating near the Turkish border?

Possibly - in fact, until this week, the Syrian airforce appeared afraid to fly too close to the border out of consideration that Turkey may fire on their planes. Now, with Assad's military foundering, the Assad airforce appears to be recalculating. The bombing of the olive press factory, just miles from Turkey, several days ago is the strongest evidence of this. Will Assad recalculate again with NATO Patriots just a few kilometers from his flight path?

[link to www.enduringamerica.com]
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