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Bindu and the Pineal gland

Anonymous Coward
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11/29/2012 07:57 AM
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Bindu and the Pineal gland
Anyone know if Hinduism relates the 'Bindu' to the Pineal gland?

In the Shakta tantra school of philosophy, there is said to exist a Bindu chakra, at the back of the head, in the part where Brahmins grow their small tuft of hair, although it is often not mentioned in traditional chakrologies. This centre is said to be where the Bindu fluid is produced, a fluid that can become either the nectar of immortality, or the poison of death. This Bindu fluid is often conflated with both male and female gamete(s) (that is semen or ova) and amrita in Tantrism. It is intimately connected to the Vishuddha chakra, and awakening the Vishuddha chakra is held in the Tantric traditions to awaken the Bindu chakra