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Message Subject The United States is not facing bankruptcy, it is bankrupt.
Poster Handle Desert Fox
Post Content
The US has been bankrupt since 1929. The New Deal's name is not just some catchy moniker. The government literally dealt us as collateral (the Social Security Act) as we are all now on the hook for all debts incurred by this corporation (that's right, the U.S. is not a nation, it is a corporation).
The Federal Reserve Bank (a cartel of PRIVATE bankers) takes our money and loans it to our government, expects us to pay the interest on those loans (the Federal income tax, another 'New Deal' derivative).
We are all subsidiary's of the United States Corporation. If you take a look at all your legal documents from your credit cards, to contracts, to your driver's license, and so on...you will discover that your name is capitalized on all of them. This negates you as a person, individual or citizen...you are a subsidiary.
This should piss off anyone whose ever put on uniform and fought for what they though was their nation. They fought for a corporation who views them as a product, and expects to profit from all of us. We are all on the hook for about a cool million as that's how much money was printed when your papers (birth certificate) were generated. Yes, they gambled that you'd become a consumer and put that million, and then some, back into the system, after they spent it.

Yes, folks....you are a free range slave in the ultimate Babylonian system. Precisely why Jesus is coming quickly...
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Astute, correct post.
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