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Message Subject The United States is not facing bankruptcy, it is bankrupt.
Poster Handle Royy
Post Content

 Quoting: s. d. butler

too bad this student cant read 222,000 BILLION IS 200 trillion n 16,100 BILLION is 16 trillion
 Quoting: mrmuffins69

Its not 200 trillion either lol.
 Quoting: Royy

srry i meant to say 222 trillion
 Quoting: mrmuffins69

its not 222trillion either lol. and our gdp last year was 15.1trillion not 16 trillion.

The yearly deficit is about 1.3 trillion, not 222 trillion lol.

I am translating "promises that have been made for spending obligations, less all the taxes the treasure expects to collect" to expenditures-revenue. This is the definition of the deficit and it is 1.3 trillion a year
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