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Message Subject The United States is not facing bankruptcy, it is bankrupt.
Poster Handle Anonymous Coward
Post Content
$16 Trillion NOT $16 Billion there is a BIG DIFFERENCE

The past 4 years... there was NOTHING done to help create jobs.

Sound like you are BLAMING the GOP and the TEA PARTY is the white knight to the resque... welll thant you TEA PART you just RELECTED Obama.... who is so far in over his head he has NO CLUE what to do.

We need Jobs... FIRST.... people either contribute to the govt funds or suck off the tits of them.

Secondly STOP spending money... and CUT THE EXPENSES of many of the problems.

It is not rocket science.

You have money comes in... and bills... if you have more bills than money you are in the RED.


We have a NATION of ENTITLEMENT.... and immegrates that EXPECT to have BENEFITS for coming to America.

We have ILLEGLE PEOPE... who we do not send home and they too SUCK OFF THE TITS of the US GOVT...

Each man and women owes well over $230 thousand each.

YEt... when given an opportunity to HIRE SOMEONE who could fix the mess... You guys all voted to keep an CEO who prefer to be with the EYE CANDY GROUP in Hollywood.


YOU FAILED TO MENTION anything but your TEA PART...

Welll Fxxx the TEA PARTY... I want AMERICA BACK!

'The trouble with socialism is that eventually ... you run out of other people's money" Margaret Thatcher ...
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