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Message Subject The United States is not facing bankruptcy, it is bankrupt.
Poster Handle duncog2012
Post Content
It is not just the U.S. that's broke it is the entire world. Everything has been done with DEBT and SMOKE and MIRRORS. It has all been an ILLUSION for a long time now. The question is WHY and why are they so desperately trying to hold it all together?

The answer is because they know what is coming and they know it will not matter. I believe they know a global cataclysm is in our future. It will change the scope of human existence and push us back to the dark ages. There is no other explanation for their behavior. They want as little disruption as possible to enable them to finish their preparations for what is to come.

They know by putting off fixing the system they will only make it far worse and yet they have chosen this path. They know what is coming and will hold this rotted, corrupt failed system together until the global cataclysm occurs. Then it will not matter.
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